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air portugal old livery on 2009 schedules


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hello burkhard i found a A319 TAP air portugal from 2009 schedules with old livery.....

but actually we don't have no more aircrafts with this old livery.... could you update all A319 aircrafts from TAP air Portugal with the same actual livery for 2009 schedules???



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Are you using version 5.2b? The old livery is used untile 2006 and the nw from 2007 on in it. The old textures are in the folder .my28 and the new in .my46, so maybe just copy, not move the files from A319MX\texture.my46 to the folder A319MX\texture.my28 .

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ok burkhard i have discovered that that aircraft A 319 is from 2005 schedule....

i have selected 2005 schedule options on mytraffic communicator and the aircraft is there ate same time ..... LPPR 18h00 UTC

when i go back to 2009 schedules if i select the same airport and the same hour the aircraft still apears there but should not be because is from a different year schedule

remember that this is happening with windows 7..... with my old computer windows XP this error do not happens

this is really strange and could not happen only with TAP but with other airliners.....

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finally burkhard I found what was causing this ......

the problem is not your software but aerosoft madeira airport x.

Because these aircraft A 319 old texture was just making flights from Porto or Lisbon to Madeira .....

only removing a file called madeira traffic.bgl from aerosoft madeira x folder solve the problem here

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