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Relationship between FSUIPC and Saitek Flight Panels

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Dear Mr. Dowson,

I am a customer of your FSUIPC software and I am using it with FSX SP2 to calibrate my CH Flight Yoke and pedals, so far without problems. I recently bought the Saitek Instrument Panel and the Saitek Radio Panel, which both work basically - basically because I now encounter "freezes" for FSX from time to time ("The application is not responding") which vanishes again after a couple of minutes.

I have no idea what could be the reason and I haven't found anything about such problems in the Saitek forums but I noticed that the Saitek software seems to use the FSUIPC interface for communicating with FSX. I'd like to know whether you could see any possible reason for these freezes in connection with FSUIPC (I'm using the latest 4.53 release) because at the moment I have no idea where to look for the source of the problem. Is there a way to log all I/O that is send between the panels and FSUIPC and are there any well known log patterns that I could look for when trying to diagnose the problem?

Also I'd like to know whether it would be possible to calibrate the panels using FSUIPC, because the radio frequency dial is rather coarse grained. I didn't find anything in the GUI by now, but I am an total newbie to FSUIPC, so maybe you could give me a hint what to look for and where.

Thank you very much!



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As far as I am aware Saitek have always used Simconnect not FSUIPC to connect to FSX and many Saitek customers complain about this as it limits them greatly on how they can use the hardware, it also precludes them from using the hardware in FS9 as there is no such thing as Simconnect for FS2004.

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Hmm... the context menu of the systray icon states "Reconnect to FSX (FSUIPC)" when opening it... but ok.

Is there than perhaps a newer version of SimConnect available or is there any tweaking or logging possibility to track down the source of the problem?

Thank you!

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I did say as far as I was aware, I could be wrong and probably am in this instance. You would be far better asking about this at the Saitek forums as its most likely to be a problem with their software rather than FSUIPC. As you may have noticed Pete is away until 14th Dec and will be unable to answer your questions until that time.

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Unfortunately often email verification isn't enough anymore, spam bots are now very proficient at reading some of the older captcha's out there. On the forums I run admin has to activate the account and moderate the first post a new member makes too, its the only way you can stop the scum bags that sit in sweat shops all day doing this kind of thing, yes unfortunately spammers have sunk to those depths now.

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... I noticed that the Saitek software seems to use the FSUIPC interface for communicating with FSX.

They most certainly have not approached me for a commercial license and therefore that action is not approved. If I get proper confirmation that they are using FSUIPC commercially I will have to take some action.

I am certainly not going to support their use unless it is agreed and paid for!



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