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saving flightplans in word/doc format.


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FSC produces a good flightplan that can be printed in full.

Some how FSC must format the data so that produces an easily readable flightplan with more than appears on the screen.

How can I save the flightplan in the same format that it is printed in?

The aim is to save them to print off later without calling each one up in FSC.

I have looked in the various files but can only find the raw data and nothing formatted, or ready to print.

FSC v8.2, fsx +acceleration, in on Vista, reading documents with MS. Word and wordpad

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If you simply want a copy of what would have printed if you selected "print flightplan," have you considered saving the flight plans as a .pdf file? There are a number of free programs that install a printer that creates a pdf file of what would otherwise have been printed. I tested the bullzip pdf printer and it works fine with Vista. It is at bullzip.com. A google search will undoubtly give you more choices.

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HI Volker and Tom,

Saving an XML copy does not appear to save all of the details as on the printed page. Also when tryimg to re- format them there appears there is some problem around waypoint/airways having values (0,1,2,3,) missing, the flightplan is not produced in the software i have. I dont know if this is my lack of understanding or some bug somewhere.

However, I have found Tom's suggestion of the Bullzip pdf printer works well and is easy to use. I can now save a pdf. copy of the flightplan exactly as it is printed by FSC. If I want I can edit them in different formats later.

Thankyou both for your help


Duke 60

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Hi Duke, Tom, and whoever is reading this,

the major difference between the printed flight plan and XML flight plan is that the XML plan contains ALL the information we have available, while the printed flight plan is just a selection of this.

The basic idea, essentially suggested by our users, was that by writing an appropriate style sheet the user can decide for himself which information he wants to see and which he would rather discard. He can also add space for personal notes, etc.,etc.

Since I wrote the code for the XML flight plan myself, I am aware of the possibility that there may be a bug, i.e. that I somehow made a mistake, as Duke insinuates. But I would appreciate if you could be more specific, so that I can fix the bug for the next version.

Now, XML pages can be printed just like anything else. Unless I'm missing something crucial, why can't you use bullzip for the XML page, if you can use it for the "normal" printed plan.



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Your intention was to create a file with all the data used in an FSC flight plan so that the end user would be able to create whatever printed output was desired. However, this assumes that the end user has a knowledge of HTML, CSS or whatever other language can convert the XML data file to the desired page for printing. If the end user does not have this knowledge, the XML file is really no help.

The "normal" print flight plan will create a nice formatted page. All the bullzip printer does is direct the printed output to a pdf file instead of the printer. This file can be opened later (using Adobe Reader, FS9 kneeboard . . .) without the overhead of FSC. I assumed that this was what Duke60 was looking for.

I am not aware of any missing data or any other problem with your XML file.

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Hi Sascha,

I am sure there is nothing wrong with your XML file. I think it is my lack of knowledge / appropriate software.

The error messages that i was getting were along the lines of "this is not a valid XML file" and an error directing me to a particular line of script in the plans i was using. However I have not kept these messages.

I am the new kid around here, so I was probably messing it up myself.

Thanks all for you attention.



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