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Edit MTX Airport bgls

Is this possible with programs like Airport Design Editor 9 and or FSX Planner?

I notice that ADE has a file extension ade which MTX does not see?

Anybody editing airports to put correct airlines at correct local gates would be interested in how to do this if possible using the two programs mentioned:?:

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The ADE extension is what ADE9X uses to save your work for further changes if required.

ADE9X compiles the edited airport and saves that as a BGL file to a name and folder that you specify.

Also ADE9X will allow you to import (load) a BGL file such as a MyTraffic one but once

loaded the first time and any changes made I would recommend saving it as a ADE file. From then on load and work

with the ADE file for any changes. The reason is ADE9X saves some things which are internal to the program

along with your file.


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Thanks, you were faster.

With ADE, you can import bgl files and in the end compile the airport to get a new bgl. If you want to start from the MyTraffic airport, or if you want to start from the stock airport is your choice, in many case it may be the best idea to start from stock after having looked what was added or changed in MyTraffic.

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Okay thanks guys I guess then yhat if I change the stock FSX bgl file for an airport this will be what My Traffic reads,is that the case?

I tried to edit gates and change the bgl from My Traffic scenery for YSSY but ade just added its own file and nothing changed.Do I have to rename the MTX bgl to get MTX to recognise changes and /or the ade file, a little confused here but thats what learning is all about and seeking advice from our peers,much appreciated that you listen and comment,cheers tesza.

And a soon to be Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. :D

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Thank I will rename as suggested and see if my changes have become available.

I am enjoying using MTX52b, well done its obvious lots of work and fine work ethics have gone into this version,I will happily recommend this program to everyone.

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