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Missing plane on the map

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Master PC = Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Client PC = Windows Pro 32 bit

FSC = FlightSim Commander (Download version) ver 8.6 + fsc86uppgr installed

FlightSimulator 2004 + 9.1 update

FSUIPC + WideFS both the latest registered version


I left today from RKSI to VHHX.

On the Incheon airport no problems on map view of the FSC but after landed on the Kai Tak airport I looked FSC's map to find a free gate. I saw that any AI plane not show on the map althougt there was a lot aircrafts?


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Wonder if anyone has seen any other solution to Rolf's problem. I have exactly the same setup and have recently installed IVAP to fly IVAO.

Watching the FSC display compared with the IVAO aircraft that I can see in FS9:

1. Landing aircraft show in FSC throughout the approach and touchdown but disappear as they turn off the runway.

2. When aircraft are taxying out, they are not on the FSC display but as they turn on the runway, they suddenly appear on the FSC display.

Almost as though, IVAP/FSUIPC has a "switch" which recognises aircraft entering or departing a runway.

Note - standard FS9 AI traffic or VATSIM traffic is still show correctly on the ground.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas.

John R

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I do appreciate that - I have been using FSC for many years both on and off line. But this is a crazy problem. It only occurs with IVAO/IVAP - using VATSIM/Squawkbox I see all traffic as appropriate. The key seems to be that ground traffic will only display when it is on the runway - once it turns off the runway it disappears. It must be something somewhere in the FS9 - IVAP - FSUIPC - Wide FS - FS Commander interface which differentiates between aircraft in the landing/take off phase and those taxying or parked. As Squawkbox has no problems, it could be something in the data that FS9/IVAP is sending to FSUIPC?

I've searched all the relevant forums with no luck - I'll try a post over at IVAP next.

Bets Wishes


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