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Mytraffic 5.2b issues


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I recently installed the 5.2--->5.2b incremental update. Am I required to re-add the Mytraffic folder to the FSX scenery library list? If yes, then should I simply delete the old entry and add Mytraffic again?

Also, is there another sound patch I should install? Or is the one for 5.2 sufficient?

Finally, when I attempt to download the patch for 5.2b, the download starts, but after about 1 min the box indicating the "bytes received" freezes, and no other diaglog box appears. I cannot find the patch file in the Mytraffic aircraft installers folder either.

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First question, if it is there then it is good - bother about this when you install FSXI earliest, if ever...

Second, the 5.2 Sound Patch still is the newest one, an new will be created with the next major release. Especially the 5.2b update with its focus on Amphibians, GA aircraft and the US Navy does not require many new call signs.

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The download is a small text file describing from where to load the update, so typically takes a few seconds max.

If you go a few steps up this very topic, you will see the detailed instructions. Which file you need depends on what was your original installer, not what is your actuial version. So, if your original install was 5.2, and you updated to 5.2a, please download and run:

http://www.flyworldva.com/MT/Download/MTXU52b.exe for the 5.2 to 5.2b upgrade

If your original install was 5.2a, please download and install

http://www.flyworldva.com/MT/Download/MTXU52ab.exe for the A to B upgrade

If you don't know, choose the first.

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I managed to find the executable file in the mytraffic folder. After opening it, I found a text file detailing the changes. So I assumed the patch had been applied. However, after loading FSX, I found that the PIA 777 still has the black stripe on the engine. This was supposed to be fixed in the patch, so does this mean the update was not successful?

Thank you,


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