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Hello forumers

1.FSX Gold edition

2.FSUIPC 4 and Widefs 7

3.FSC 8.6 updated from 8.2

4.Aersoft boxed

5.FSX on Windows 7/64 bit networked to FSC on XP home

I originally had the FSC 8.2 version. Everything was working fine, till l tried to update the database. It ran through the proccess(red progress bars, %. etc,) then told me that it had 'finished'. But , when l looked at FSCs, map or airport imformation screens, the new airfields were not there. They are there in FSX, both visually, and in the airport info screen.

So l downloaded the updates to make FSC an 8.6 version. Visually the map screen looks a lot nicer. But the update problem is still there.

I can manually access the bgl files in the FSX computer from the FSC computer.

As an example here is the path of one of them:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Just Flight\Traffic X\Airport Facilities\Scenery\


It is not just Traffic X airfields, that are not there, but all of the new ones, including Aerosoft .(Seahawk/Jayhawk)

I have done the scenerycfg.fsc bit, taken it out, recopied scenery.cfg ,put it back, a couple of times, but no luck.

I originally had an XP to XP network with FS9 on one machine and FSC 7 on the other and everything was ok.

Then l had a new flightsim computer with Vista on it , and upgraded to FSX , and that was ok too. I have only had this problem since swapping to Windows 7, which l think runs FSX a lot better.

I dont know what else to try . Could use some suggestions.

Could you help please?


Carl Vokes

e-mail address: carl-dee@platts65.freeserve.co.uk

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I am sure these guys will get you sorted but as a suggestion, next time you reinstall install outside of the program folders. I have seen many posts recently advising FS whether 9 or X be installed into the root folder - i.e. C:\microsoft Games\ ...etc . I know a network problem I had quite some while ago was sorted by moving FS to the root. Just a suggestion.

Festive greetings to all.

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