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Database Rebuild W7 and Networked FS9


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3.FSC 8.6 updated from 8.5

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5.FS on Windows XP/64 bit networked to FSC on Windows 7 laptop

I made the free upgrade to Windows 7 a few weeks ago offered by my laptop manufacturer and uninstalled and reinstalled FSC as directed here in these forums: C:\FSC\ etc. etc. For various reasons I've been forced to rebuild the database 8 or times since the OS upgrade, and it's a real problem. FSC 8 DB Manager reports bad .bgl files in either the default scenery or addon scenery folders and aborting in all but 2 instances. And it's never the same file reported twice; the Database Manager got as far as 99% last night before reporting the problem and aborting. :(

1) Can you help resolve my issue?

2) Just to test things, I have installed FSC 8.6 on another non-FS manchine running XP 32 bit and ran the database update manager over the network on that machine and it worked just fine 3 times in a row after reboots and FS starts each time. I then copied the database folder from the XP32box to the Win7 machine and flew a 2.5 hour flight on FS9 with no apparent adverse consequences. Can I use this as a temporary fix without problems? If so, are there any other files other than the Database folder that I need to copy over to ensure FSC works OK on the Win7 machine?

Thank you for your help.

Chuck Boulais

Pennsauken, NJ

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Thank you, Volker. Yes, I saw that and followed the directions to the letter and I'm still experiencing difficulties. UAC is off. Reinstall of FSC was for everyone and was done directly to C: not to the programs folder.

I'm sorry, am I missing something?

Thank you!


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Hi Chuck,

I have no solution for now but we try o inverstigate your problem.

Inthis case we need your support also.

Please run the databasemanager again and then run the FSCommander also.

After done please sent following files to my e-mail adress which you find at the bottom on our homepage.

FSCDbManager.ini, FSC_Protocol.log, fsc.ini, FSC_Info.LOG, FSCDBM_FS09.LOG



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