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FS9 crashes with Mytraffic 4.1 (after fresh installation)


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Hello support team,

I know Version 4.1 is not longer in sale, but I am still a big supported of FS9 and I like MYTraffic quite a bit, which is the reason that I bought MyTraffix X which also includes the Version 4.1 for FS9.

After I have installed it, everything looks ok, but by accident I have encountered that FS9 always crashes when I get close to specific point (close to Kaufbeuren Germany, Bavaria (Coordinates: N48 3.46 E10 37.42)). By checking in Windows 7 (64bit) the issues log, I get the info that this relates to a G3D.dll file. In the Internet I could find many folks with the same G3D.dll issue, but at this stage I could not get a clear answer... So I have installed the whole "dam thing :) " from scratch until this stage that I only had FS9 9.1, Ground Environment Pro and Active Sky 6.5. With this configuration I have done another check flight and everything went fine... so I thought... "Problem solved".... Then I have installed MYtraffic 4.1 and then UT Europe.

After this I did another check flight and .... crash => exactly by the same point (see above)... big frustration... because I thought UT Europe caused the whole issue... which was obviously wrong, because the I found a statement in the WEB that the G3D.dll is not the reason... it could also be caused by corrupted AFCAD file. So have deleted MYtraffic 4.1 and then everything went fine... no crashes anymore...

To make a long story short... Is this problem know to you and is it possible to delete the AFCAD files in this area (don´t know which airports there are)...

I hope I could explain my issue and I hope you can help me, because I would like to continue with Mytraffic as I like it really...

Thanks and happy landings.



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Long long ago, but I remember it was a bug in an AF2_EDxx.bgl file down there, Memmendingen or Kaufbeuren - I remember it is a very tiny file, the smallest of all, only a few bytes, there was a patch for this, but you can just delete it before digging down this forum to prehistoric times...

Hope this helps.

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Hello Burghard,

thanks for your reply...

In the first place I have searched for the AF2*.bgl files, but there was no AF2 file for an Airport close to the "crash point" (Memmingen).... So I have delete all the AF2 File (Addon Scenery => MyWorldAirports") which are even close to this area and the issue still remains. I have also screened the forum for your mentioned patch, but without success. Any idea how to get to the patch or are there some other BGL files which are stored somewhere else.

Thanks for your support....

best regards,


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If it was the file that I remember it was so small that it was smaller than a header, just the smallest of all files in that folder. And an airport north of the Bodensee... But of course it may also be that another file got bad on your computers, so for the moment pull out all ED,LS and LO files, check it that helps, and then put back.

Sorry, I cannot help any more, I removed FS9 from my computer in September 2006 when it got obsolteted.

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