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MakeRwys - NTVDM CPU illegal instruction

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Tried to run MakeRwys and got this dialogue:

Strange. Never had a crash in that in its life, well over 10 years. What version are you trying?

It must be some sort of weird BGL structure not seen before. Maybe I could identify it if you could ZIP the "runways.txt" file from the FS folder, send it to me at pertedowson@btconnect.com please.

The only other possibility is a memory error. Are you confident your PCs memory is all sound?

16bit MS-DOS Subsystem


The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction

OS: 0f 47 IP OP: f0 47 89 69 62

Strange looking error report. Isn't there something between IP and OP, giving the address? Without an address it is a bit difficult.



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version 3.98

Sorry, that is really really old and totally unsupported. I'm not surprised it crashes as I don't think it understands many new BGL formats.

The current supported version is 4.41.

Please ALWAYS check the Announcements here before reporting a problem, in case you are simply years out of date, as in this case. Thanks.



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