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Prince george!

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Hi, i'm Francesco from Italy and i've really apreciated your work in "Glacier Bay v2"!!!

WONDERFUL...... :mrgreen:

I've a lIttle question!!!

I've found your mesh set (only bcmesh9d and e) for southern British Columbia but i'm not able to find something to correct the area around Prince George wich is full of incorrect mesh, holes, and other mistakes!

Sorry for my english!!!!!!!!! :oops:

Thank for your help! :mrgreen:

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Hi Francesco,

the only adjustments I've ever made for the Prince George area were some simple patches meant to work together with my LOD7 mesh files. See http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CaDLID=26936

However, these patches are very basic and I'd suggest to instead use Flight1's Ultimate Terain Canada/Alaska payware products in conjunction with a modern LOD9 or LOD10 terrain mesh file like FSGenesis. These are payware products but will greatly enhance your enjoyment of flights in northern British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada.

Cheers, Holger

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Thank you so much Holger, i think i don't have this file!!!

I have UT Canada/Alaska but i've found a big hole near Prince George airport and in the mountains you can see during takeoff from rwy 33!!!

I'll try it and i hope it will solve my problems!!!! :mrgreen:


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