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Signs on the runway KABQ


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Bob, I looked into KABQ and I could not reproduce the picture you posted at flightsim. You may want to post the picture here so Burkhard can take a look at it on Monday morning.

When I load FSX with the BR2_KABQ active, I don't have taxiway signs in the taxiways. Also, the BR2_ version looks different than the picture of the version you posted a flightsim. The taxiway layout and texture are different.

I can only guess that it's possible that you have another version active or your BR2_ has been modified :?: Either that or my version of KABQ has been modified as our versions do not match. Can you provide a date of the BR2_KABQ file in your scenery folder?

I'm attaching three pictures that show the FSX stock KABQ and the MyTraffic X modified KABQ as seen using ADE. I'm also attaching what it looks like in the sim.




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I checked and cannot see anything not normal on a system that has only MyTraffic and no other addon installed. Here a screen shot of how it looks.

If there are signs defined twice, maybe by different files, FSX automatically displaces one of them. So, when you disable the file BR2_KABQ.bgl and the wrongly positioned signs go away, this fakes that the ones in the file are wrongly positioned - it only shows that they are no longer defined twice - so if you find the other defining file and remove that the ones defined by MyTraffic will properly move to where they belong.


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Here's the answer. If you have Acceleration installed on your FSX, you will find this problem at KABQ. I posted this question on the Flightsim FSX forum and one person found that Acceleration does have a mission that uses the KABQ airport. This is why this BLG is different from anyone using FSX without Acceleration. I simply left the "passive" on the file and everything works fine.

Bob G.

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