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VOR triangulation?


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First of all, this is an excellent program that totally gets rid of the need to use printed real world aviation charts (which I have happen to have quite a pile already).

Still, I'm surprised that it seems to be missing an important feature.

I'm often using real world charts for VOR navigation and plotting VFR courses in the old fashioned way, where I'm finding out the exact position of my aircraft by triangulating using two non-DME VOR beacons. When I'm flying a non-GPS enabled aircraft, I feel like cheating when I let FS Commander magically place my position on the map.

So, I'd like to simulate this pre-GPS navigation method in FS Commander. It seems FS Commander is almost supplying the tools for achieving it: the distance-course measurement ruler. As you probably know, VOR triangulating calls for drawing two crossing lines onto the map, but the ruler tool in FSC allows me to draw only one at a time!

Either I'm missing some hidden shift-ctrl-rollover-sing-hallelujah mouse combo to plot several custom lines, or FS Commander is missing this simple, yet powerful feature. :wink:

Any ideas?

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Thank you, I see now how it can be done.

Still I think it would be a bit more intuitive to allow drawing two distance markers with the same tool. Seems like with this method I always have to center one of the two VORs before measuring vectors, and to me that's one extra click.

Well, I can live with this feature for now :). Time to go to SimMarket and unlock the trial version ;)


Jussi Pakkanen

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