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Request: update titles in aircraft.cfg's

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I would like to make a request.

In order for Squawkbox to be able to use the MyTraffic models, the titles of aircraft must meet some criteria:

- they all must start with the same three letters and

- they may contain no spaces.

I realize this will be somewhat involving:

1) rename all the titles in all aircraft.cfg's

2) rename all the titles in all files referencing the titles (traffic database)

3) rebuild all traffic bgl's

But most of all, since all aircraft.cfg files are part of the aircraft installers, all currently deployed installers become useless, meaning that an operation like this can only be done with a full release.

For step 1, I have already created the framework for a program that will do so: find all titles, remove the spaces and add MTX_ in front of the title. Also, a file is created with entries. Using this file other files could be updated as well. But it would depend on whether this works: export aircraft.dat from MTX, rename titles, import renamed aircraft.dat.

Would this be possible for a next version? If so, I will take care of finishing the conversion tool and creating the Squawkbox plugin file afterwards, if not I will just focus on FollowMe 2 as many people would like me to do :)


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Since even the default Microsoft planes contain spaces and do not start with the same three letters, this requirement makes no sense. I think Squawkbox should fix that bug, can be a 3 liner only in a program that is trivial anyways.

Since this would not only affect MyTraffic, but dozens of other packages that contain MyTraffic technology, and break ALL compatibility between MyTraffic and such a fututre package, no way.

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While I fully agree, I think the chances of a new Squawbox are slimmer than that of a new MS FlightSim, but I can always try I guess.

SB's reason is they do this to prevent double names, which is not a valid one since FS already forces all titles to be unique.


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They use it to display the correct aircraft type and livery for other people you encounter online. If someone is flying a KLM 737, it will depend on your system whether an actual KLM 737 can be displayed if the other user is in view. So there is a configuration file that defines which actually installed model to display for a certain type and livery (and variation actually).

They have their own set of AI planes, but I prefer MTX :)


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Since online flying and AI traffic exclude each others, this is a rare thing to happen.

Your idea is to use the MyTraffic planes as representation of other peoples user planes in an online environment. That is a product that is very different in requirements, maybe an idea for another product using the same basic technology. I might think about this after the next major MyTraffic release.

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