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B) FS9 W 9.1

C) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery

D) MyTraffic 2006(simMarket Edition)

I'm having issues with AI traffic not aligned properly at airports. It appears it just with my add-on scenery airports.The acft are parked on top of each other in the building, at flytampa ksea the AI traffic taxis in the grass and lineup to the left centerline of the rwy. See PIC. Is there a reset switch? LOL




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Also with FS it was a question of scenery priority, wasn't it?

The MyTraffic active airports in FS9 were placed to addon scenery\MyworldAirports\scenery if my memory from times so long ago is correct, there should be a file AF2_KSEA.bgl in that folder. Delete that file, then MyTraffic no longer has any scenery impact in that area.

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Okay that fix'd the alignment problem with the acft taxing on the taxiways, but when you initially load KSEA on the rwy, it still lines up left of the rwy centerline? My other concern is I have alot of other scenery airports installed and I'm having issues with dbl parking at gates, acft not centered on the gates and acft just at random positions at the airport. Not sure how to fix these problems?


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Many users who make no strict book keeping of what they install in which orders may easily end up with more than one version of the same airport on their computer. Different parts of FS9 may select other airports to be used, one of the many FS9 bugs cured with FSX ( at least partially ). So most likely, after disabling the MyTraffic version, you still may have to search for other versions. In addition, if you have flights saved on the airport, you must delete them and create new ones to get rid of the old locations.

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