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Victoria + Elevation Issues

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First off, let me sign the praise that is so aptly deserved. You guys continue to provide us with outstanding products both freeware and payware that have greatly enhanced our flightsim experience.

Firstly, I have all the items below installed in FS9.

When reporting an issue, let us know if you have any or all of the following installed:

- FSGenesis mesh

- CYYJ (2007) - except I have the 2010 version, I think this is the older item.

- Vancouver+

- Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska

- Ultimate Terrain USA

and ensure that you have version 9.1 of FS9 installed.

I have had several issues to work through to clean up my system and only a couple remain. I have to find the extra older buildings for Victoria downtown that I have somewhere but unable to find at this point which are conflicting with the provincial legislature buildings.

The other issue is lake elevations.

Please confirm or advise on this screenshots (lat and long are shown in top left corner).

I seem to have some lakes elevated, some depressed - adjacent to each other.

I am wondering if the Cowichan River and Quamichan Lakes are supposed to have such depressed, sunken lake levels.

And, did the Vancouver Island Power line connection that runs over Maple Mountain to Saltspring island accidently get over looked or am I missing something or have done something incorrect?





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Hello Bryan,

thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated!

The lake and river elevation issues indicate a problem with the mesh priority. Vic+ includes its own mesh files and the elevations of the water bodies are fixed to that. The FS Genesis mesh files use the same source data as us and are fully compatible with Vic+. Thus, I suspect you may have another mesh file active in the area made from different source data. Have a look through your scenery library menu and deactivate any "suspicious" entry. Alternatively, mesh files can also be installed in Scenery\World\scenery so you might want to check there for any mesh files not default and not FSG.

Vic+ for FS9 doesn't include any power lines so what you're seeing as well as what is missing is FS9 default.

Cheers, Holger

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Wow, I didn't expect a response so fast!

OK, I have been exploring this issue of conflicting mesh files so I am on the correct path (so to speak). Not an easy one to locate I have to say, with 500 scenery layers plus the world scenery and some that are outside of the addon sceney folder.

If I find it I will post what file is the conflicting one(s).

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It took two hours but I found the problem. A little bit obscure. I must have rebooted FS9 some 50 times in a process of elimination.

A set of mesh files as indicated below:

United States - West Coast 19m Mesh - by Raimondo Taburet are not compatible. When I shut off this layer, the problem went away. However I did not try to isolate which file might be the offending file. There are 40 bgl files in the set. It appears to have been a demo set stretching from Washington State to southern California that I installed back in 2006. Perhaps there is a complete 19 metre mesh set available for the entire US by Raimondo.

And thanks for pointing me in the correct direction.

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Hello Bryan,

thanks for letting us know the culprit, that's good reference information.

If you already have FS Genesis terrain mesh then Raimondo's files wouldn't have been much of an improvement anyway. He must have used some low-res filler data for the Canadian parts included in the package because the GeoData 25-m source data that FSG and Vic+ use are the best currently available for Canada.

Cheers, Holger

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