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GPS connection to FS


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As required my set up information - 1. FSX 2. FSUIP 4.57 3.FSC Version 8.6 Build 200110 4. Registered download from FSC website 5. XP SP3

I have had to remove and reinstal FSX. I also removed FSC, then downloaded the latest version, reinstalled and re registered. The datatbase manager was run and completed.

Icons from the latest download were duplicated for desktop use.

FSX works well, FSC works well, flightplans can be made and saved but when I press "connect to fs" after setting up FSX and FSC for a flight, the aircraft relocates to the zero position off the West African coast even though the top banner on the page says "Connected to Flight Simulator"

Any advice please how to solve this problem

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Hi Anonymus,

as far as we can tell, this is not a problem of FS Commander, but maybe of fsuipc.dll.

I attach a little program to this post called "UIPC Hello". All this program does is to check the version of fsuipc and also display the timer.

What I would ask to do is a) start Flight Simulator and b) afterwards start UIPC Hello. What should appear is the version number and also the time of Flight Simulator being continually updated. Could you then please inform me if you are in fact seeing both displays.




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Delighted to tell you the problem is resolved.

In the trauma of losing FSX and reinstalling I forgot about SP1 and SP2. These have now been installed and everything appears to be working normally.

Thank you for your prompt response to my problem and efforts to fix it. Excellent service.

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I am having this same problem. Aircraft shows in Gulf of Guinea.

Running W7 FSC86 Download version FSX SP2 FSUIPC 4.5.7 registered

Have run FSC for years without issue.

Upgraded to W7 a month ago and still ran FSC fine.

Given the new installtion instructions, and sudden faliure of FSC to connect, reinstalled from scratch in D:FSC

Still no connection.

Ran the small file you furnished and all N/A

At a loss on what to do next.

Any help appreciated.

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FSC seems to work on and off - mostly off

I too ran into the FSC terminated message tonight which shut down both FSC and FSX - others have complained about the same issue.

EFB seems to have no trouble connecting to FSX

There does not seem to be any answers on this forum except references back to FAQ's

Time to uninstall - I did use it for years without problem - but it is getting in the way of FSX instead of helping.

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I just reinstalled FSC on the E drive since I couldnt get it to use FSX database anymore.

Now it wont connect to FS

I have run the UIPC Hello and get: FSUIPC 4.570 and time is: 00.00.00 which is wrong.

any Ideas?


Ted Panamarioff - Kodiak Alaska

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