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Now I don't understand. Something went wrong, you were unhappy, asked for a refund, got the refund without any problem, and still complain? I assume they have many happy costumors, and did the best possible in your case.

If you are happy WOAI, its horrible performance and marketing schedules compiled without any inner knowledge up to 5 years ago, I fail to understand why you use this forum which is maintained for MyTraffic X and paid to operate by MyTraffic X costumors for a campaign against a third party tool? If you went back to MyTraffic I could understand, but to WOAI????

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That's just it. I didn't want a refund. I just wanted them to switch my accounts. And, credit me the two weeks that it wasn't working.

After four emails (two from me and two from Plimus) the only response was. "Here's your money back." I wouldn't say I got it back without any problems. And did the best possible? It's too bad really because I think they have a great idea going. They just have to get the Customer service sorted out. I would have been patient had they (I mean a human) responded quickly to say they are looking into the problem.

You're right though, this is the wrong forum. And, I think I will try My TrafficX.

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Hi to all

I'm not here to lick anyone boots, but definetly MTX is the best AI traffic builder I have ever seen, or tried. My humble opinion !

Easy to install (if you read the instructions), easy to use, with a suport that doesn't leave you hang...

By the way, and since I mentioned "suport" (3 or 4 times that a want to write it - It's now) I noticed, as most of you have noticed too

that Mr. Burkhard, doesn't leave any question without answer, even if its a question related with other AI Traffic programs. He always tries to help.


Thats it, I've write it, it's done :oops:

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Hi all..

I decided to buy FS live traffic 3 worldwide edition, I look very good at their site and I read the review at avsim and some other places recommended it.

But I'm not enjoying it yet but I hope that I will..so to new buyers, be carefull and wait to see how this case turns out, maybe it is just my system that is wrong with, but you deserve to know.

If schedule are not as in real world, then this product is nothing different than other traffic software for FSX.

Here is AirNav first and latest reply:


Thanks for your email.

Our software downloads the latest scedhules from the FAA hence we know the exact times a flight should land, takeoff and where it should be in flight. This is then added to FSX.

However FSX can cause delays itself due to airports being full and go arounds, so a mistmacth can sometime occur. Also our data is 10mins behind due to security reasons. It is the closest you get to having Live Traffic.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Here is my last e-mail to AirNav and I will update this forum with replies:

I understand and I expect delays in FSX comparing to real time data, but I cant understand my FSX data comparing to real time data regarding schedules, flightnumber etc.

Please look at my screenshots provided for Arrivals and Departure for EKCH airport and you will see what I mean.

Here is my report of the traffic:

Arrivals, 2 only match the REAL world.


Flight 3625 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 3515 in FSX = IN REAL

Flight 3553 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 3541 in FSX = IN REAL

Flight 3234 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 510 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 1052 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 463 in FSX = NOT in REAL




Flight 2659 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 503 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 2353 in FSX = NOT in REAL

Flight 373 in FSX = NOT in REAL



Some schedules in FSX dont exist in real world which you will see at the screenshot.

I can live with delays, but I expect real schedules as in real world and because of that I have bought your software with worldwide data.

There are no other traffic addons installed on my FSX.





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