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Repaint requests for next version

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Hi to all

I'd like to start by saying THANKS to all persons envolved in this great project, it really adds a new dimension to flight simulation.

Since this topic is related to repaints for next versions, I'd like to ask for the correct painting of A319 CFM of TAP Portugal (new colors)


Also, TAP Portugal has replaced the A310-300 by A330-200 (half fleet with GE, other half with PW) (6 + 6)

A330 with PW engine: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-p560208.jpg

A330 with GE engine: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-p405881.jpg

Just a complementary info:

TAP A320 CFM with Star Alliance painting:


TAP A330 PW with Star Alliance painting:


Thanks, and keep up the good work

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The A330 should be easy to do for an airline that operates A340s :lol:


I dont know if it makes any difference in repaints, I know the fuselage of the A330-200 is the same as the fuselage of the A340-200 :roll:

and in TAP "we" have A340-300

Well for the rest, we cut the engines :twisted:

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You have to cut away a part of the main fuseledge to got from 343 to 332, but in this case that missing piece is white anways...

OMG :oops: you are telling me to do something I haven't the minimum idea of what you're talking about :(

The A319 you just refer to the same layout ior is there anything special now?

For the A319 it's just to change from the old colors of TAP:


to the new ones:


the same that already exists in MT for the A320.


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Think I found the answer in another thread


Gona give it a try :wink:


After trying the solution in the above topic, new colors are ok in A319 :mrgreen:

Just two little things still missing :oops:

A321 TAP (new colors) with respective flight plans


A330 TAP (new colors) with respective flight plans

FOR INFO ONLY: A330: CS-TOE .... up to CS-TOJ PW engines

FOR INFO ONLY: A330: CS-TOK .... up to CS-TOP GE engines


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