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FSX/ACCEL Win7 64 GPS connect Dual Computers Problems

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Installed all programs as admin on both computers, UAC turned off. Forgot to add that part.

Well to start off I have to say that I like the option to mess with before I buy because that's what I have been doing for two days now. My problem is I keep getting the error message 14.This is a set up for multiple PC 1+2:

PC1 Windows 7 64 ultimate With FSX

PC2 Windows 7 64 ultimate With FlightSim Commander and Wide

FSX with Acceleration installed on the C: drive not in programs folder but in a folder labeled (x86)\Microsoft Games\FSX. It has to be installed on the x86 side of the OS. There are no additional add-ons except for the FSUIPC/WIDE

PC2- has FlighSim Commander installed Version 8.6 Build 200210 Unregistered Version Z

FSUIPC with the following data from the program "UIPCHello" saying it's ok


FSUIPC 4.570

FS Clock 01:56:37 and counting

Registered version with Wide installed and also registered. One that came with FSUIPC for FSX and Wide downloaded and installed separately on PC-2 with FlightSim Commander.

The drives have been shared, and mapped IAW instructions that have absolutely nothing to do with Windows 7 64 but I managed to figure most of it out.

By the way FlightSim Commander works just fine on PC1 with FSX.

Data base manger works just fine on PC-2 that is mapped to PC-1 and shared, finding the scenerycfg.fsc and loading it up no problems there. But when I boot up FlightSim Commander and it does its thing then I hit the GPS button and connect to FS, nothing, WIDE is also installed on PC-2, and turned on, if it's not turned on I get another message saying "Unable to connect to flight Simulatormsgf#2 FS not running or cannot link to FSUIPC or Wide Client" I turn wide back on and MSG 14 returns. There is not activity on the FSX Menu bar It says " Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Wide Server: waiting for clients" and never changes. I have searched the forums for answers but none are really clear or refer to Pete Dowson's site which end up even more confusing.

Apparently there are those out there running FSX and FlightSim Commander on two PC's with Windows 7 64, what is the trick or fix. Im also networked with Lynksys router with updated firmware. And there is no problem communicating back and forth between both PC's both are networked on Homegroup.

Sure would like to get this working and even buy it if it does work in the two pc configuration.


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Hi Anonymous,

Although we have treated this subject matter in the past again and again, we repeat it here for your convenience.

The problem you describe has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with FS Commander, but is a problem concerning your settings in WideFS Client-ini. The message "Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Wide Server: waiting for clients.." indicates that WideFS has not yet established proper contact with FSX. Trivially, if WideFS does not get data from FSX, then FS Commander cannot either.

The message you should get is "Wide Server connected with client". Only if you get this message WideFS and FSX are properly connected. You should check your WideFS settings and, in particular, read the instruction by Pete Dowson.



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hello soupwop

l have two comps, one with fsx and one with fsc connected via a network and widefs. They work fine but were a sod to set up.

From what you describe it looks like your widefs setup is the problem. Try these if you havent already. they are silly but they court me out.

1. I assume that you bought the combined FSIUPC/widefs version. Did you register them seperately. They do have seperate codes and widefs MUST be registered for it to work correctly, regardless what anyone says. Have a look in add-ons/fsiupc on your flightsim screen, it will tell you there whats registered and whats not.

2. Wideclient on your FSC computer has to be manually opened for it to work. Some times when you first install fsc, it does not make a shortcut on the desk top. Create one and turn it on before turning on your fsc.

3. Let your flight in fsx run for about 30 seconds before you click on the connect to fs in the fsc-gps box.

Hope this is of some help


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