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Top Of Descent in some future release?

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Hi Sascha, hi Volker!

Would it be possible for FSC to automatically add a user waypoint representing TOD?

The flight plan already contains a cruising FL and we know the 'rule of three' means that TOD is going to be roughly 3 x the cruise FL but it'd be really useful if FSC could insert it for us!

Just a thought,

All the best


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Hi Ian,

thanks a lot for your post and suggestion.

The topic of TOC and TOD has come up various times in the past and I responded in most cases in great detail. To repeat it here: we will not implement TOC/TOD in any future release. The reason for this decision is fairly simple: TOC/TOD are properties of an FMC and FS Commander is definitely not an FMC. The precise locations of TOC/TOD depend largely on the internal properties of the specific aircraft and these properties are - for obvious reasons - only available to the author(s) of that aircraft (e.g. PMDG, Level-D, etc). They are part of the authors' business secret. So only they can determine the exact location of TOC/TOD.

While it is true that we do have the Aircraft Window with aircraft specifications, these values are at best approximate. Again for the same reason. Only the authors know the real values and these may again differ to a large extent (depending on the quality of the aircraft) from the real aircraft.

I hope you are not too disappointed, but that's the way it is.



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