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No Traffic in 'My-Traffic".Help


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Just rmoved all WOAI Packages (using WOAI Installer)


Rebuild my My Traffic aircraft,scenery, etc


Add My Traffic to Scenery Library. looks okay. it's there No 1 priority


Click okay. FSX is loading


No Traffic null nada, zeroairport is empty :(

Any idea ????



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okay follow the checklist and



then check size of files:

aircraft total of 25,000 Files 6.2 GB

Scenery Total of 1998 Files 225 MB


Clean all files containing the name traffic file under the folder ....world\scenery

restart FSX and (KSNA)

Got GA all over (Mostly Cessna 401)

FSX Default "Pasifica Airline" ,some of them at GA parking ramp

I'm lost :( ......

Please help

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When you use the WOAI uninstall, you only remove the aircraft, not the schedules that have been compiled after WOAI installation on your computer. Delete the schedules, they force FSX AI playr into FS8 emulation mode and prohibit it run its own AI traffic.

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If you didn't copy that by hand and made several typos that cannot be, in addition there always is a line Local=, which should be Local=MyTraffic for MyTraffic in case of a normal installation.

Microsoft does not support manual editing of scenery.cfg though, so I recomend that you start FSX, remove the MyTraffic scenery entry, and add it again through that dialog as described in the documentation.

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okay. I removed the myTraffic Scenery, trying to get it back but nothing is happening, clicking here, clicking there, it doesn't bring it back, obviously, it's not user issue, since it was there before .. on top of this FSX start crashing .... what a fun :D .... I guess it's time to give up & move back to WOAI , not so sophisticated, but had no issue or what's so ever .... anyway that for everything


Irvine CA


I still doesn't know how to remove WOAI schedule .. maybe that is the problem

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This has nothing to do with MyTraffic, it is FSX that seems to have a problem. What operating system do you use, the dialog in FSX behaves dofferent for XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Please just make sure that the folder \MyTraffic\scenery exists and has been filled with about 200 files and about 200 MB. If not, maybe you have run the installation without full control.

If it exists, you must be able to add it to the scenery library, with the special extra click needed under W7. As long as MyTraffic isn't added as scenery properly, it will not work properly. Again there are ways around, but we need to know more about your setup to recommend it.

If this does not help, please also post your file scenery.cfg here so that we can see what is the problem. A good way to test if MyTraffic scenery has been properly added by FSX is to select the airport of Ramstein, ETAR - if you can select military parkings there as your start position the scenery got added successfully.

I do not know where WOAI puts their incompatible flight plans, either they have an own scenery folder added or it is into scenery\world\scenery.

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sorry for giving you such hard time, and I really appreciate your help.

I just ended up uninstalled and reinstall MTX, I had to run the rebuild Data and it looks okay, however I'm not able to load the scenery file, and this little trick with clicking on empty space doesn't work at all it just doesn't load period.

I'm running Win7 Premium fsx SP2

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So you delect MyTraffic, press add, you see the contents of the MyTraffic folder, press below the folders and nothing happens? Since adding scenery is a basic FSX feature, then Microsoft would have a severe problem...

Please describe exactly what you do, best with sceen shots, so that we can see if we forgot to tell a simple trick. You are sure you have full control over the MyTraffic folder, and also better set the User Access control to the lowest value?

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