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Hi Burkhardt and others.

I tried for teh first time to select schedules from commincator for lets say 1970's.

Now the DOS batch windows all ran as they would say if I had created a new flight.

Yet when I ran FSX I didn't notice FSX build the scenery libary again, this should happen correct?

Oh, I have Admin rights when I run Communicatior.

Also as I have never tried before, what actually changes with the Ai traffic, do we see airlines and afct from that generation?



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Did the batch file actually run or did it just flash on the screen?

If it just flashed did you copy Trafficdatabase.exe from the SDK per the instructions?

Another way to check if the batch file ran is to look at the dates for MyTrafficcommercial.bgl, MyTrafficglobal.bgl and MyTrafficmil.bgl in your MyTraffic\Scenery folder. Do they have new dates?


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Hi thanks for rpely.

Trafficdatabase.exe I had forgotten to tranfers, even though I thought I had,

Works now.

Although not being picker I think Australia had more than Ansett airlines in 1970's

And I doubt a 737-200 ANZ could make Auckland from Melbourne.

I flew on one of those when 9 between Wellington and ChristChurch.

Maybe ANZ DC8 or Qantas 707 could be added next time.

Still no other AI traffic program has this fature and this is one of reasons My Traffic X won a award for best AI traffic program so I read on flight sim forum the otehr day.

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I didn't hear anything about interest in the time machine for more than 3 years, but now three times in a short period. Looks like something to be considered for one of the next versions. Indeed we do have some models that find back into the mid 60s now, and I am willing to create more models needed, if we find a few people who are willing to paint these aircraft. This is very different to the paintings of actual airliners. With todays airlines, we have a good choice of sharp high resolution good color photos on the web, but going back before 2002 nothing like this exists, so it is a lot of research and hand painting before you get it.

So I encourage everybody who reads this to think about if he would consider this journey back in time in looking up old photograps, doing the research and then the painting something to fill his time. If there is a group who wants to make the paints I can provide more models, but making these paints myself is too time consuming with so many aircraft models still to be built - and making paints is something everybody who has time can do with a little practise.

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Gee did I start something!

Yeah sure if I find any pictures of Australian airlines in that era I shall let you know Burkhardt.

In the 70's as well as Ansett, we had TNA which was a subsidary of Qantas, as in those days Qantas was only an International airline. Then TNA became Australian Airlines, not sure when, but I check it out.

As for the 60's ah I am a bit young to really know, ah Ansett was there as I recall flying to Tasmania as a 5 yo on a Ansett Electra if that is how it is spelt. But Tullamarine Melb airport wasn't even built then so that was out of Essendon(YMEN) Airport.

I don't think we need to go that far back unless others want it.



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Version 5.3 will contan an AI remake of the stock DC3, so we have something to go FAR back. It is on my list to do, but the next version will have more efforts put into the remaining military and more GA, so there might be one oldtimer in every release, therefore the poll...

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Sorry to be off-topic, but I have one question

I have been looking for French Air Force A340's in the airports they normally fly.

With they're main base at Paris - CDG it must be easy, but no, I cannot find them.

Also check some of they're destinations, (QIE, LBV, ABJ, DKR, JIB, DYU, KBL, CAY, RUN, NDJ, PPT, PTP, NOU) but still nothing...

This military AI traffic is very "sweet" to me since I was working the last 2 years as flight engineer on board thIS A340's.

Same applies to A310's (main base)

P.S. Burkhard can you point me to where they are ?



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Thanks Burkhard, I have found the schedules.

I regret to inform you, that the schedules are too way long from beeing true, despite what we already have talked about "real observations"

Just for info, but if it helps:

Main Base:


Destinations currently served:














Also the French Air Force has 3 A310-300 based at LFPG, named F-RADA, F-RADB and F-RADC and uses them for the same destinations except NWWW, NTAA and OAKB

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