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Deployment tab can't find FSX


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I run FSX on a Windows 7 machine. I've been running STB on a client machine running XP. I upgraded this client to Win 7 and installed STB v2.2 with the UT2 fix. STB sees my FSX airport location and lists current flights. Indeed, it did this even before I entered the path to the FSX machine on the Commands tab. However, I was not able to view any AI because I use camera key 7 on my FSX machine and I needed to change the STB default from 5 to 7 on the Deployment tab. But the Deployment tab indicates that it can't find FSX - and this is even though STB sees my FSX airport location and lists current flights.

So I went to the Commands tab and entered the path to the Documents folder on my FSX machine in case the lack of this entry might be the cause of this problem. I also checked this location by accessing it from Windows Explorer and I can read and write to this folder, so my network seems ok. After doing the usual reboots of FSX and STB, the Deployment tab still indicates that it can't find FSX - yet STB still sees my FSX airport location and lists current flights. I've played around with this for some time now, and I can't seem to get the Deployment tab to see FSX so I can change my camera key. Any thoughts on what might be the problem?



BTW, I also have STB installed on my FSX machine so that I can use the invisible aircraft, etc.

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Hi Simon,

STB on the FSX machine was indeed configured properly to begin with for Camera Key 7, and I have no problem viewing AI when using STB on the FSX machine. I distinctly recall from my XP setup on my client machine of a few weeks ago that I also had to fill in the settings for the Camera Key on the Deployment tab on the client and was able to do so. So why can my client see traffic on the FSX machine but not see FSX on the Deployment tab?

However, since getting your reply - and there apparently being no obvious answer to my inquiry - I located the STB settings file and manually changed the Camera Key entry to 7 and now I can view AI from the client. This solves my immediate problem. And I assume the other two settings in the Deployment tab need not necessarily be "deployed" as they appear to be controlled by the FSX server machine, not the client. And they are "deployed" on the FSX machine.

I think this gets me up and running with my networked machine using Windows 7. Thanks for the input, and I look forward to v2.3.


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