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One moe question. Traffic X has a simple tool contained within it's user interface that queries the sim objects folders and imports the available config files, giving the instant ability to add your payware/freeware aircraft into your traffic AI. Have I somehow missed this capability within MTX5.2b? It would be a great addition. Also, are there any plans to add more high definition AI aircraft? Thanks


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This is an extremely bad ideas in that software. Payware aircraft intended for user operation cannot be used for Ai traffic. They not only use in average between 100 and 5000 times the CPU power needed in comparison to the MyTraffic planes, but also just don't fly, crash during approach, or overshoot, or even do not take off. Nobody who ever has done research about AI traffic would do so - but somebody who only copies my work without much thinking might propose such nonsense.

You can easily add new aircraft to the MyTraffic editor, but a verification that each of them really works as AI, has multiple LODs, has few drawcalls only etc is something you should do before adding it blind.

Every new version of MyTraffic will contain a bunch of new aircraft. I publish a new version about every 6 months, with the sequence that one major release that always is a full version ( available to existing users at a strong rebate ) is followed by two minor releases, which are incremental updates and therefore free. The next release 5.3 is again a major one, I expect it in may, beta to start in two weeks or so. Most of the time the enhancements are based around a theme, but also contain new content aside of this.

5.2 for instance was the version which had all western airlines built new from scratch for FSX SP2. 5.2a brought the Eastern airliners ( Antonov etc.), 5.2b brought the US Navy and 5.3 will have as main mission the US Air Force, but also contain new GA aircraft, a new DC3 for the historically minded, new paints, new schedules etc.

5.3a this autumn is intended to bring again more GA, first fighter models from Russia, more from France and the UK and maybe Sweden, etc.

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