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FSCommander and Widefs


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I have FSCommander a few years agonow my version is 8.6 .... and I have it installed in a desktop that I use at home and also in a laptop taht I use when going to other city beacause work reasons.

I am thinking .... when at home ..... to use the laptop with WideFS in order to run FSCommander on it conected to the FSX of my desktop.

Is it possible ?Have I to install a second copy of FSCommander in the laptop in order to use it only for this project ??

Thanks in advance

J J Gómez Prieto

IVAO 142928

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Volker, first of all thanks for your answer …….. I have followed step by step the instructions of the manual .... installation, chapter2.1 and also the appendix network, but nevertheless I am not able to connect the client computer ( my laptop with FSCommander ) with the server computer ( my desktop with FSX )

Something I have not clarified before is that in both computers I have installed both programs .... FSCommander and FSX ..... I don’t know if this may be the problem.

1 - I have installed WideFS on the client computer and registered it in the server computer.

2 - I have shared both folders of the server computer .... FSX and My FSX documents ..... and I can see them from the client computer without problem

3 - I have given all the rights neccesaries for read and write from the client server

4 - I have ran the FSCDBManager86.exe on client computer using like FSX folder the one of the server computer ( Z:[\user-pc\FSX folder]) making previously a copy of the scenery.cfg of C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX folder in the main FSX folder but with the name scenerycfg.fsp ....... no problems updating airports from FSX. I think that this mean that steps 1, 2 and 3 are well done

5 - Ready for start, I have ran FSX in server computer and I have found a message at the top of the window “ Microsoft Flight Simulator X with WideServer waiting for clients “

6 – I have ran WideClient.exe on client computer and found a message at the top of the window “ WideClient FS98 Eliminator – Waiting for a conection “

7 – I have started FSCommander and when in main screen I have selected GPS/Conect to FSX and I have gol the message “ Unable to connect to Flight Simulator Msg # 14 “

It seems like if FSCommander looked for the FSX versión installed in the client computer ( that is not started ) instead the FSX version installed in the server computer ( started ) that is the one FSCDBManager86.exe built the database with .

If in this moment I close WideClient.exe and try again to select on FSCommander GPS/Conect to FSX I get a different message “Unable to connect to Flight Simulator Msg # 2; FS not running or cannot link to FSUIPC or WideClient”

I don’t know what I am doing erroneous but surely I am doing something.

Can you please help me ?

Thanks in advance

J J Gómez Prieto

IVAO : 142928

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Hi J J Gómez Prieto,

as you have written, WideClient FS98 Eliminator – Waiting for a conection , that means what is says.

In this situation I believe, that your setting in the WideClient and WideServer are wrong,

because FlightSimCommander can not see the FSUIPC on your Server PC.

Please study the wideFS manual to find the correct setting.

Please read this here: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=79260&start=0,

download the little tool and run it on your Client PC while you receive on your ServerPC the above message:

WideClient FS98 Eliminator – Waiting for a conection .

Then report the result here.



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Ploblem solveda very little detail ...... different workgroup in server computer and client computer.

It's my faultsorryeverything works ok now and I can use FSX in one computer and FSCommander in the other one.

Thanks Volker for your help.


J J Gómez Prieto

IVAO 142928

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