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A few questions before I buy


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I've been playing around with the demo version of FSC before I purchase.

Let me first say that I am an X-Plane user, so I understand this is beyond the realms of your support line, however, I feel my questions and concerns are well within support you can offer:

1. When flying in sim and approaching a waypoint, the focused window switches to FSC. I always have to click back to X-Plane (I am running a dual monitor setup). Is there a way to prevent FSC from taking over focus when approaching a waypoint? If there's not, is there a way to instruct it to re-focus back on X-Plane when it's done doing what it needs to do?

2. When approaching a waypoint there is a chime. Is there any way to turn this off? I believe this is what is possibly causing FSC to want foucs again...so it can play this sound.

Thanks for any info! Great product, and I'd love to purchase. :)

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Hi, Volker,

I've done research prior to posting, and seen all of those posts. They did not answer my questions, hence the reason I have posted this topic.

1. Why does FSCommander need to switch out of FS momentarily and then switch back? Is there any way to PREVENT this?

2. Okay...I can pull out a .wav file and "solve" the problem of sound, but given I assume this is the main reason FS Commander wants focus over a waypoint (to play a sound), my question is still unanswered.

On top of this, you have stated that the chime over waypoint was on your to do list. That was in 2008. This is 2010, and I'm a potential new customer. When I saw that post I would have figured this would have been marked off your to do list by now and possibly somewhere I am missing within the program.

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