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FSC FS9 Multiplayer - AI not visible - Help!

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1. FS2004

2. FSUIPC 3.90

3. FSC 8.6 FSCDbManager86

4. Download from your site

5. Windows 7 64 bit

FSUIPC settings TCAS=0, TCAS id String=Flight


I am a longstanding user and fan of FSC.

I have recently joined Jersey Virtual (http://www.jgaeurope.co.uk) who have their own FSHost Server with public and private IP addresses. No problems using FS2004 and FS Navigator, but other members like me are desperate to get it to work with FSC, but have not worked out how to do it.

I have read through the forum and get the impression that other users are able to see other aircraft logged on public servers using AIBridge appearing in FSC with identifiers, height and speed. They have not specified exactly how they did it.

We have managed to get AIBridge to connect to the public server and it appears on the list of players on the FSHost Server Status page as an observer, status not in plane.

We have also logged into the same public server from FS2004 Multiplayer connect and can see each other within FS2004.

We have AI toggled visible, Menu/GPS AI traffic all choices ticked.

When we connect FS2004 multiplayer AI aircraft disappear (this seems normal from reading other posts).

Although AIBridge appears on server and we get connection message across FS2004 screen nothing displayed in FSC

Are we missing something simple - can anyone help?

Many thanks


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Can't speak directly to FS Commander and AIBridge combined.

I have not tried to use AIBridge with Flight Sim Commander, but I (and others) HAVE tried to use it (rather unscussefully) to inject the online user data stream into other TACAS and traffic type gauges........ with poor to awful results. I run a simpit, and have a very good payware NAV gauge in the "aircraft" that displays traffic... and AIBridge has been nothing but problematic in that application.

It has been the consensus of a lot of us trying to get AIBridge to work well with FSHost servers that is is not a very successful piece of software for that purpose. It was not designed for FSHost use to start with. We have found AIBridge (all versions available) is prone to going unresponsive, looking like it is connected but it is not sending data, causing "kick off" or "all payers were unmable to connect" errors even with permissions and all ports opened, and other such serious annoyances. (see some postings on this subject on Chocolate Software's forum).

So..... it is possible that what you are seeing is just "business as usual" for AIBridge.

Remember... regular AI do not exist in multiplayer. All you (hopefully) will see is the other payers logged in.

If you solve it.... I'd LOVE to know how. :wink:



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thanks for that. The lack of other replies and chats with other FS9 users makes me feel that there is no solution to seeing multiplayer in FSCommander with FS9. Somehow Vatsim and IVAO both achieve it with their custom host software.

No problem with FSX though, although the range of seeing other players is only 40 miles, whatever the setting in FSUIPC.

Plan-G is also quite nice - if one has enough monitors one can display FSNav, FSC and Plan-G, all complementary. All the information is there albeit in three different places.

The challenge to display on line multiplayer aircraft in FSC/FS9 remains on the table!


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The challenge to display on line multiplayer aircraft in FSC/FS9 remains on the table!

Yeah... I've been hoping that someone would tackle the multiplayer AI issue for FSHost servers for a long time. it is particularly an issue since FSNavigator is no longer for sale or supported. Anyone who does not have it is S.O.L. Plus for us simpit flyers..... it needs to be able to be read with the standard NAV display gauges.

Somone needs to re-write the equivalent of AIBridge. Even as payware (hint there Sascha and Felix) :wink: .



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