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Moving Map - Issue


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I'm experiencing a weird behavior with the Moving Map. I typically have to start FS Commander first and "Connect to FS" before doing anything else such as loading a FLT Plan and starting Logging, Tracking, and AutoZoom in order for the map to automatically move as I flight a given flight plan. I'm using WideFS, so what happens is that sometimes the moving map will stop following the plane, so obviously I would have to either use the mouse to track the plane position or (not fond of this one) restart FS Commander.

Any clues as to why this would be happening or what I could be doing wrong. I would have also expected the Moving map to track the A/C without a specific loading sequence.


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Hi Volker,

Thanks for the reply. I guess how I stated the comment/question made things a bit confusing. As we both know, FSX has to be running prior to connecting to it via FSC, so we're in the same page on that. I looked at the manual for FSCX page 67 and FSC manual page 74. The information provided is thankfully the information I already follow to connect FSCX to FSX. I start the FSX first and then is when I start FSCX on my second PC via WideFS 6.795 (after it shows "connected").

As I mentioned I can get the moving map to work fine as long as I "Connect to FS" first before loading a FLT plan. I noticed that if I open a FLT plan first it sometimes fails to engage the "Moving map" or during the middle of a flight it stops "Moving" so not even disconnecting and reconnecting addresses the issue but to actually restart the application. So was asking what could be triggering that behavior.



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You have had FSC for several months.

Has this problem just now started?

Any recent hardware / software on your PC?

Like, is Win7-64 new for you?

Is WideFS (you computer network) new or has all this worked in previous months?

Do you have more than 1 monitor (displays)?

My version and Build of FSC is:

Ver 8.6 Build 200110

My DataBase Manager is:

Database Manager 8.6 Net (Build 021209)

Yours is:

Ver 8.6 Build 021209or is this your DataBase manager (not FSC)?

Is this correct for AeroSoft (newest)?

You are using a "beta" version of FSUIPC.

Last full version is 4.60a

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Indeed I've been using FSCX for months now. Unfortunately it is just recently when I've started using the Moving Map. I acquired WideFS recently to take advantage of the Moving Map and logging options of FSCX. So unfortunately I can't say if this was an issue that just started from a recent change. I've been using W7 x64 for months now, but I have FSCX running on a second PC under XP x86, since I always run FSX is FULL screen mode. The PC where FSCX is located only has 1 monitor setup. Finally, both my DB Manager and FSCX are both build 021209 (latest for AeroSoft).

Also I'm using the current FSUIPC beta as it addresses issues with my VRInsight setup. I'll test things out with the non Beta version(s) to see if that addresses the issue.



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