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DB Manager - Access Denied during update?!?

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I have reinstalled FS9 on a new computer and now I'm having a problem with FSC Database Manager whilst updating the airports:


I'm a long time user of FSC and ths is the very first time this happens and I don't have a clue why.

FSC is running on a remote PC (Win7-X64) and connects via network to FS9 PC (WinXP-x86/SP3)

I have checked if the file exist and it does, so it must be a rights issue.

The user running FSC has full rights on the FS9 PC, so it is strange it can't read the file(s).

So far the issue only happens with a very few airports: Aerosoft Lissabon, Aerosoft Budapest, Aerosoft London.

(Is it a coincidence it happens with Aerosoft airports?)

I disabled the sceneries temporarily , so FSC DB could continue, but I would like to know why this is caused.

Again, I have used FSC a lot and never experienced this error.

Please advice,


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If I install FSC also on the FS-PC and run it from there, what files do I have to copy to tansfer the created database?


EDIT: In the log the import crashes on the Aerosoft Heathrow scenery, I already had disabled Lissabon

EDIT2: Installed FSC on my FS-PC and there the DB Manager ran without any problems.

Will reinstall on remote PC and try again

EDIT3: Reinstalled and tried again on remote PC, with same result: Error with the same airports.


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Hi Egbert,

If I install FSC also on the FS-PC and run it from there, what files do I have to copy to tansfer the created database?

Just copy the complete folder Databases.

To investigate your problem, just de-install the scenery and run the DatabaseManager again.




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Disabling the scenery in the scenery.cfg has the same effect and then the DBManager is continuing.

It must be security related, because the DBManager running locally on the FS PC is indexing without any problem.

Also I thought maybe there were a few network hickups during remote indexing, but that isn't the case since it haltes always with the same scenery.

So my guess it is a security realted issue and thus most likely outside the scope of FSC/DBManager.

I'll try to investigate and report back. It is no biggy for me because I can index locally anyway and copy when ready.

(Is also faster)


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