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Harrisburg International Airport - KMDT


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In order to see the apron and Terminal spot lighting you'll need to install the lights package from Jim Dhaenens. Jim's lights can be downloaded from flightsim:


To install Jim's lights, place the lightobj.bgl file in your

...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\scenery folder

and almwht.dds and lights1.dds files in

...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\Texture folder

KMDT represents a modification/enhancement to the stock FSX airport. Airport specifications have been updated using information from Virtual Earth, Airnav and the official Web page. Enhancements include new and/or updated Terminal gates; coded Terminal gate assignments; approach information; cargo, general aviation and military parking; airport facilities and vehicles; runway marking and lighting including new approach lights for Rwy 13; apron spot lighting; new Control Tower with Tower view; taxiway designation and pavement type; relocated airport green-white beacon; and additional vehicle paths and fuel trucks.

Note: Virtual Earth full zoom was used for airport facility location and taxiway/apron pavement specifications. Airport diagram dated May 2010 was used to modify taxiway and apron locations.

To install KMDT I suggest creating a folder called KMDT with a scenery subfolder. Place the three KMDT bgl files in the scenery subfolder. You will need to activate the KMDT folder once in FSX. I suggest placing it at or near the top of the scenery priority list - above ALL regional, state or national scenery including UTX USA and any other third party land class product.

Don't forget to disable or remove the existing BR2_KMDT.BGL file from your MyTraffic X scenery folder.

Below are examples of regional carriers at KMDT and the parking codes used in this scenery. Where there is an "and" the "X" convention code must be present in the aircraft.cfg file to ensure that the AI will park at the appropriate gate.

Regional Commuter Airline Served Parking Code

PSA Airlines US Airways Express JIA or USAX

Mesa Airlines US Airways Express USAX and ASH

Piedmont Airlines US Airways Express PDT or USAX

GoJet Airlines United Express GJS or UALX

Mesa Airlines United Express UALX and ASH

Trans States Airlines United Express LOF or UALX

Atlantic Southeast Delta Connection ASQ or DALX

Freedom Airlines Delta Connection FRL or DALX

Pinnacle Airlines Delta Connection FLG or DALX

CommutAir Continental Connection UCA or COAX

American Eagle American Eagle EGF or AALX

Air Georgian Air Canada GGN or ACA

Wiggins Airways FedEx Feeder WIG or FDX

Other airlines serving KMDT include: AirTran Airways (TRS), US Airways (USA), United Airlines (UAL), Delta Airlines (DAL), FedEx Express (FDX), United Parcel Service (UPS), ABX Air (ABX) and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.


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Anyone can use Jim's lights for their personal use. Simply use the link to download and follow the directions I provided to install and you will always have them active.

Jim has also given permission for airport developers to include his lights in their freeware packages.

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Simply use the link to download and follow the directions I provided to install and you will always have them active.

Have done it, and they are already running.

I have a doubt for which i need your help, how can I contact you private ? You don't have PM messages allowed in your profile...

Please feel free to contact me via PM.



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