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Hi. I search what is 1326 error when i start my wide fs?FSX and widefs is connect but no start my supertrafficboard on my server pc

Thanks for your help


********* WideClient Log [version 6.75] Class=FS98MAIN *********

Date (dmy): 10/06/10, Time 10:21:34.171: Client name is PORTABLE

29953 \\BUREAU\C:\Programmes\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard

29953 \\BUREAU\C:\Programmes\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard\SuperTrafficBoard.exe

29953 WideClient couldn't run: "\\BUREAU\C:\Programmes\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard\SuperTrafficBoard.exe" [Error=1326]

39047 Attempting to connect now

39047 Trying TCP/IP addr, port 8002 ...

39453 Connection made okay!

571344 ****** End of session performance summary ******

571344 Total time connected = 531 seconds

571344 Reception maximum: 26 frames/sec, 714 bytes/sec

571344 Reception average whilst connected: 18 frames/sec, 517 bytes/sec

571344 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 19 bytes/sec

571344 Transmission average whilst connected: 0 frames/sec, 19 bytes/sec

571344 Max receive buffer = 573, Max send depth = 1, Send frames lost = 0

571344 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 2, Alloc 1310 Freed 1310 Refused 0) *********

my wideclient config on XP :

; PLEASE SEE WideFS documentation for parameter details

; =====================================================





















; -----------------------------------------------




; -----------------------------------------------




my wideserver config on vista:

; PLEASE SEE the documentation for parameter details

; ==================================================




; -----------------------------------------------



; ===============================================

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Hi. I search what is 1326 error when i start my wide fs?FSX and widefs is connect but no start my supertrafficboard on my server pc


29953 WideClient couldn't run: "\\BUREAU\C:\Programmes\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard\SuperTrafficBoard.exe" [Error=1326]

I simply Googled "Windows System Error 1326" and got this:

System error 1326 has occurred - Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

Symptom: when using net use to map a network drive, you may receive "System error 1326 has occurred. Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password." message.

Resolutions: 1) create a user account on remote computer; 2) need to enable the guest account; 3) make sure the remote computer doesn't use auto-logon and blank password; 4) make sure you have a folder or drive shared on the remote computer. 5) use net use \\servername /user:username command. Make sure you type correct command (e.g. use net use \\servername \user:username will get this error too)

which indicates that you don't have access to that file from the PC you are running WideClient on.

In any case, I don't think trying to run a program on your PC "PORTABLE" which is located on another PC in your Network is going to be muchgood. To start with it is going to be awfully slow, with the PORTABLE PC trying to access the BUREAU disc all the time whilst SuperTrafficBoard is running. You should really NEVER try running programs across a Network. Most simply won't work that way in any case.

Either install SuperTrafficboard on PORTABLE and run it there, properly, or use facilities on BUREAU to run it there. In general you should always install programs on the PC where you want them to run. Any other way is always likey to be doomed to failure, irrespective of passwords and permissions.

This is not a "WideFS Problem" as your thread title misleadingly states.



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