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Erratic compass


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Whilst flying over central France. I suddenly noticed the plane veering from one side to another, this was happening when on HDG hold. If I switched to FMC control i.e LNAV the plane steadied. It was then I spotted that the compass was oscillating +/- 30 deg and on some occasions 180. This effect was also being displayed on the Map compass of FSCommander.

I have dis-enabled all third party scenery in this area, but to no avail, problem still there.

Tried out different planes,same effect.

FS2004 - XP Home- FT A320-PMDG737.

Area this happens is N44.57.39 E003.28.06 - LERGA - NARAK

Any ideas anyone?

Note! since posting this query on CanXpress and BAV forums, I have managed to get back to a correctly functioning Heading control,i.e steady compass.

This was achieved by literally dis-enabling all scenery and going back to a default scenery .cfg.

But while re-enabling scenery layers in order to find the culprit. I have reached a point where the compass is steady and the heading is shown as 240 deg.

On FSC map I am shown as going approximately in that direction. But the Map Compass is showing 240deg where 360 should be.

Where does FSC derive it's data for the Compass Rose from? might give me a clue as to where the problem can be found?

Regards JohnT

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Hi John,

the map is showing True North, the compass showing Magnetic North -/+ magnetic variation.

This varition is receiving from the FSUIPC which getting the data from your FS.

Maybe the file magdec.bgl in the folder \Scenery\BASE\Scenery\ are corrupt.

This is only an arbitrary assumption, not a solution.



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Hi Volker,

First, thanks for the response.

I looked in the \Scenery\BASE\Scenery\ to see if that magdec.bgl had been modified lately. But no, the last modified date was 04/03/2003, so all OK there. Except that within this base folder is another Base folder c/w a scenery folder which contains another magdec.bgl dated 04/11/2004. Both of these .bgl's are 128Kb in size, so I suspect contain the same info.

It looks though, that the problem is scenery related. Just one helluva long process to identify the culprit.

Regards JohnT

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