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Problems viewing AI traffic

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When I try and view AI traffic with STB, I just get different views of my cockpit or views of unrequested AI planes. If I click to return to cockpit, this function works fine.

I have set up the camera in 'settings' and even amended the camera.cfg to ensure it has hotkeyselect=5 under AI.

I presume something is conflicting.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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This is most likely a mismatch between STB and fsx.cfg. Go back to Settings, Deployment Tab and click the camera advisor button. It will tell you if it is correctly configured, or what to do if it is not. Make sure you click the save button after making any changes.

If that does not work, please send me the camera.cfg from FSX, and the settings.txt from the STB Application Data Folder.



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1) What does camera adviser say about your configuration

2) Confirm you do not have AIRound installed, especially the trial version.

3) Please send the camera.cfg and settings.txt as described earlier.

If you are able to view some but not all, this is most likely a problem in FSX.


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If my STB setup is not configured for the AI package that I'm using, I also observe view issues where I find myself viewing my aircraft. For example, if I've configured my setup for UT2, but I also happen to use MTX 5.3 along side, but I have not configured my setup for MTX, I will observe the "view AI" issue mentioned in this thread when viewing some MTX AI. The solution in this case would be to use one of the sticky links at the top of the forum to configure aircraft/airlines per the AI package being used.

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The "View AI" interface provided by FSX through is not the greatest. Basically I have to switch the view to the "first" AI in FSX's internal list, ask for a copy of the list, find the AI you want to look at and finally send the right number of "switch to next AI" commands according to the position in the list. If the list changes during my processing or the list is corrupted inside FSX (sadly happens very easily), the wrong view is presented.

So specifically to diagnose an individual problem, three steps are required:

1) Describe your set up, where you have STB and FSX installed and which AI package.

2) Go through the camera advisor procedure and report here what it says.

3) Run a trace as described in the user guide, and send that to me demonstrating the View AI fault.

I can the determine whether the list is getting corrupted in FSX, or if there's something else that can be done.

For my part, I've noticed I am more likely to run into problems if:

a) I have not installed STBServer component, and have not enabled it to handle "Delete AI" requests.

b) I have large numbers of AI. For all sorts of reasons including performance, I try to keep this down below 200.

I spend a huge amount of time with AI, and very rarely see this problem.


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I am very sorry :oops: but I missed to click the camera advisor in the deployment tab and now it's done and things are working fine.

I have FSX running on an Apple Macmini (XP in dualboot) and FTB running on a laptop (Mac OSX with XP through Virtualbox); not very usual I think but it works great now.

Many thanks for your attention anyway.

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