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The manual describes the three checkboxes in the My Planes Properties window...but in MT 5.3 it looks like the thrid one has changed. Instead of reading USE IN GENERAL TRAFFIC it now reads USE IN AUTOMATIC GENERATED TRAFFIC.

The manual says if you check the box for USE IN GENERAL TRAFFIC it will be "used as general traffic (used at airports across the globe regardless of airline restrictions. This is mainly for GA aircraft and those cargo lines found around the globe)."

....so my question is, since that box name has changed, what does the new checkbox "USE IN AUTOMATIC GENERATED TRAFFIC" do?

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Yes I tend to dive too much into projects. Back in 2001 I got into the flight sim heavily. So much so that in 2002 I created a website that had tutorials, repaints, etc. I did this for about 3 years until I went off to college and didn’t have the time. So I know how much work, sweat, and tears have gone into this project you have done and I and others sure really appreciate your hard work and efforts.

So now I have a question…which is why I posted this thread to begin with. :D

I was wondering if MT 5.3 can auto schedule the vintage aircraft without using the time machine? For example…

In my version of the 5.3 DB I have three Trans World Airlines (TWA) L1011’s all of which in the “Airline Properties” windows show hub usage. I made sure that there were at least five registrations that had the last year of service set to 2020. As you can see in the “My Planes Properties” window I changed the last year of service date to 2020 and I have the first two boxes checked. (see image)

Under the “Aircraft type properties” window I made sure the last year was set to 2020 and the box for USE IN MY TRAFFIC was checked. (see image)

Now if I schedule this aircraft manually, they appear, fly their routes, and all is good. But that is just one or two flights.

How can I get MT to use these aircraft in a random or auto-schedule type of way?




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So please summarize again what exactly you have done, I will try to reproduce beginning of next week.

ok, I’ll be back to you on this....i am doing some experimenting with the database this weekend. :D

Solved....ok, so basically what I did was first was to work off a backup of the database. I then went in and added made changes etc. to aircraft that I would like to see fly with me...regardless of the year...things like a Pan Am 747, an Air France Concorde, a TWA L1011, etc. So once I made sure that there were at least five registration numbers good for each aircraft until 2020 and made sure their aircraft type properties was set to last year 2020, I then saved the backup DB and went to the Info/Maintenance Dialog box and checked "Delete all autogen flights" and "all random flights".

After that I went to the Create/Schedule, Files and Traffic and choose "Create all forks", "Create Auto Schedule" and "Create random global schedule" and let it go...about 45mins to an hour it finished and MT added the flights that I wanted and asked it to. 8)

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.. and I programmed it to do so :lol:

So now that MT is using these aircraft....when I make a DB change, like add a flight, do I need to keep using the "schedule" to compile the flights or can I use the quicker "create" one and will MT keep using those vintage aircraft in the autogen?

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