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"Laufzeifehler '380' Ungultiger Eigenschaftswert"

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After installing FSC away from the C: hard disk and from an original CD with no scratches and properly registered I get the subject information when trying to select an airport to get the program started.

During installation everything is completed successfully; except for a note that does not interrupt the process but indicates that the files serife.fon and smalle.fon were not located.

Database Manager is also successfully installed updating all airport .bgl files, assigning ILS and filling country, state tables, etc.

Could someone assist in identifying where I am going wrong in the process, please? Or how would I go about getting these apparently missing files from the purchased CD and where should they be inserted (in the event this is the cause of the problem) ?

Any information will be highly appreciated.


FS2004 (FS9)

FSUIPC registered version 3.98a

OS Windows XP Professional Pack 3

FSCommander version 8.2

Aerosoft version (CD)

Processor AMB Athlon 64x2 Dual

3.25 GB RAM

NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+

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Thank you very much for the information and assistance. My lack of expertise on the subject must be the major obstacle in solving my problem.

I have confirmed that both smalle.fon and sserife.fon are in the C:\WINDOWS\font folder.

Have also confirmed that the appearance of font size is normal and that the general dpi setting is = 96 dpi.

And, most puzzling to me, having found an older version of FSCommander (FSC 7.4) in C:\Program Files\FSC\FSC74.exe to my surprise it runs perfectly (except that I no longer find the needed registration data for it).

My last question, not to exceed the limits of your patience, is that I note in this older version folder quite a few sub-folders which are non-existent in the latest 8.6 version which I have repeatedly installed and reinstalled from the more recently purchased Aerosoft CD.

V8.6 only shows the sub-folder Database\FS09 with files xxx.fsc and xxxfsc.old with identical names plus the files FSCDBM_FS09.LOG, FSCDbManagerini.old and fscini.old and nothing else. Please note that I have reinstalled from the CD several times, deleting it both with Control Panel and manually for any remaining files.

The running version 7.4 has seven sub-folders (Dafif, Database, Doc, FSPlan, Map, Segments, User plus 14 other files.

Is there any chance that this original, recently acquired CD could have some problem? Or is the problem solely behind the keyboard?

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After copying from another computer which I have at home the files sserife.fon and smalle.fon into C:\WINDOWS\font and having reinstalled FSC 8.2 in c:\Program Files I now have it starting up after airport selection.

Again, many thanks for the assistance and help.


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