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How does MTX put an airline at an airport

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How does MTX decide to put an airline at an airport. As an example I will use Southwest Airlines.

How does MTX know to schedule SWA to KSNA, KBUR, KDAL, KHOU, KSAT, KAUS, KABQ, KMDW, KDEN, etc. Do the airports have to have gates that specify Southwest?

SWA started flying into KLGA, in order to get MTX to schedule SWA to KLGA do I just need to add some SWA gates to KLGA and then run Create Schedules, Files & Traffic?


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You really only need to add some SWA flights to KLGA in the MyTraffic X schedule. After doing so you need to run "create all files and traffic".

I would suggest that before modifying the existing .myt schedule file you first make a backup in the event you wish to return to the original state.

The airport needs to have the appropriate parking to ensure that the scheduled flights are created by FSX and show up to KLGA. Gate/Terminal assignments are not required although it's nice to provide realism so long as sufficient open gates are provided as well.

Since SWA uses B737s you need to ensure that KLGA has 18m or larger gates/ramps. If you are speaking about the BR2_KLGA.BGL then parking already exists - although it would appear that Gates A-D are for the most part pre-assigned.

Gates G and P which utilize ramps are open. Not sure if this configuration is up-to-date.

From the wikipedia it would appear that there are three SWA destinations out of Terminal B.

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Unfortuately the export of airport data from FSX through the traffic toolbox does not contain such information, so while the Airport files are good to tell WHERE a SWA plane will park at KLGA, this does not generate any traffic.

MyTraffic gets schedules from a multitude of sources - data available from different parts of the world are too different and aviation strategies are too different, too, MyTraffic takes an effective approach trying to bring the best possible, with compromises to be made.

So I assume there are no SWA flights into KLGA in version 5.3, and you want to add some into KMDW and KDAL just as example.

So, start the editor (MyTrafficX.exe), load the actual data base. Under airlines, manage airlines, select Southwest Airlines and edit it. You will see a selection of types. Select B737-SWA1 ( with winglets ) or -SWA2 without winglets or SWA3 :D and press schedule. Under From: select KLGA, under To: KMDW, you can enter a time or a flight number if you have that at hand, and press OK. Do the same with KDAL and one or two more destinations, wherever they fly. Save the changed database and run a "Create all flights and schedules",and you should see them. If you don't see them or enough, KLGA is already filled to approx max by real world schedules, so you might want to delete an Air Wisconsin or Pinnacle CRJ to get enough free slots.

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