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Erase airlines from some airports

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I´m kind of new to MYT. Think you create a nice program but I´ve some problems with some airlines which are not suppose to land or depart at certain airports. For example at my "home airport" EDDT which is the first hub to Air Berlin there are some arrivals and departures of this airline but when I look at EDDB with "support" of Supertrafficboard I´ll find quite more arrivals and departures of Air Berlin than at their actual first hub!!! Why? Air Berlin is not suppose to land or depart at Schönefeld, well not yet :wink: I also discovered that Lufthansa for instance will fly from TXL to Beijing/Peking with an A340. As much as I know there´s no gate for those kind of aircrafts at EDDT :wink: How can I erase those "bugs" in MytrafficX? Well, the biggest problem is the airline issue at the wrong airport. The Lufthansa issue I can live with actually... Thanks for your help. P.

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With version 5.3, removal of certain flights is easy. Using the editor, load the data base, go to the departure field, select a flight you dislike and press delete. If you want to completely forbid automatic generation of that airline at that airport, press the forbidden button once for a flight of an airline.

All this done, run qa "create all files and traffic" if you do the first only, and a "create schedules, files and traffic" in the second case.

Background of these invented flights is another. If MyTraffic would only show the few flights that are there in reality, most users would complain about MyTraffic not working immediatley - only few users would be willing to wait for more than two minutes until something happens. So on all airports but FRA and MUC in Germany additional traffic has to be added.

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