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Sids and first waypoint


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I was flying with Vatsim today from Glasgow to Hamburg.

This is the high alt route FSC produced- EGPF SAB UL983 CUTEL UL619 LBE EDDH

I filed the flighplan. On getting clearance the Glasgow controller (Ground) told me the fp is not valid.

I asked why and he sad no SID goes to SAB. He suggested SIDs that link to the TLA vor

So I looked up the SID menu in FSC, refiled fp with TLA6B and this was acceptable.

From TLA to SAB there is no airway, but that didn't seem to be a problem.

So the question is - Shouldn't FSC give me the first route waypoint as the last point in a SID?

Thus there no breaks in the flighplan.


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all depends in which order you do what.

If you choose a route directly after having selected departure and destination, FSC will select the closest waypoint in the direction of the destination as the first waypoint. That might be a good one or not depending on the specific local situation. If you want a specifc waypoint as first waypoint, you can always select it manually.

If you first select a SID and then the route, the route will start where the SID leaves off.

If you first select a route and then the SID, the two might not properly connect. You might want to ask why the route is not automatically redone after the SID is selected. The answer is simple: such a move would reduce the user's freedom to create certain types of routes. Our general policy: the user should have maximum freedom to do whatever he wants to do. Of course, that also places the burden of responsibility on the user in case he does something that does not make sense. E.g. If the route goes south and he selects a SID that goes north, he is free to do so "at his own risk".



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