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Hey love your guy's product over here... I was looking to upgrade from 5.2B and I really was tossing around which way to go with UT2 or 5.3 pro, I decided to go with what I know 5.3 so I am in the middle of downloading it.... Now I see you and UT2 advertising "flights in FSX format," what exactly do you mean by that and how does it differ from 5.2?

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This is not new to 5.3, it got introduced by 5.0b december 2006 when FSX SDK SP1 came out fixing a severe bug in the FSX SDK vfrom the default DVD.

The schedule files ( MyTrafficCommercial.bgl as example ) contain not only the departure times and airports, but also some information about where to fly, where to start descent etc.

This information was different already between FS8 and FS9, and is very different in FSX where AI aircraft can follow the patterns defined in the airport - but need to be handed over at the right point.

From the user point, FSX AI traffic follows much more natural and realistic climbs and descends compare to the previous version, that is what we both advertise. There is a logical consequence: You cannot mix the different formats. If you mix FS8 and FS9 format, you will see aircraft at ridiculous height and location - you could easily see a Southwest 737 at 70000 feet above Frankfurt - a clear indication you mixed FS8 and FS9 traffic.

If you mix FS8/9 and FSX traffic, the same will happen, AND in addition a handful of FS8/9 flights can completely switch off the FSX AI traffic. The explanation is that the flights are distributed into several buckets, and once an old format flight comes into thebucket the FSX ones don't display, if this is a bug or a feature of FSX remains a secret forever.

Hope this explains.

The freeware packages ( Project AI , World of AI, etc... ) all are using ttools to create AI flight plans, which is the FS8 way. So instead of flying patterns you may see their planes flying through mountains.

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