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Runtime error 380 - invalid property value


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Newby to FSC and searched the forum about this error but it does not appears to be related to "fonts" error.

Yesterday, downloaded and installed the evaluation version and it ran fine.

Today, installed the recent purchased boxed version (8.2.1) which seemed to have installed correctly.

However, when opening FSC and entering the "Search by ICAO code" data, I receive the 380 error.

In both instances, I installed using the FS2004 database.

The evaluation version worked fine so I need help with the real thing.


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I have figured a workaround to my issue but I will give Aerosoft USA a call at Dehman, Ma tomorrow

to resolve the rest of these issues.

On 08.24.10, I purchased the boxed copy of FSC. What I received on 09.01.10 was FSC Version 8.2.1,

Build 051107, which obviously is so outdated that it will not even install correctly. This V8.2.1 appears to have

a conflict recognizing or finding the "fonts" in my machine which is running an old operating system - XP SP3.

First install gave me runtime errors 380 because it could not locate fonts "SSerife and smalle.fon".

Second install it was able to locate the fonts but still gave 380 errors when trying to locate an ICAO in the

loaded FS2004 database. Neither install would even place the proper icon in the desktop.

As said in my previous posting the "evaluation version" installed and worked fine.

My workaround was to delele all FSC related file, clean the registry, clean the drives, defrag, and reinstall and

register the boxed copy (again) and download the current FSC Version 8.6. Now FSC appears to load but still

does not performs as it did in the evaluation copy.

After wasting all my day messing with this software my main concern is why is Aerosoft still mailing outdated version,

8.2.1, built in 051107, when they are now in Version 8.6?"

You can bet I will be calling Aerosoft USA firt thing tomorrow...

Jesse Garcia


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Hi Jesse,

Sascha and myself are only the authors of the program who have nothing to do with the sales.

But anyway, as a customer of Aerosoft you can find any and all available information and downloads at

http://aerosoft-shop.com/support.php?language=en .

There are also, for example, information and solution about the Runtime error 380.

You can also find information and solution on our website hre: http://www.fscommander.com/faq.htm



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Thanks, Volker.

I am still working with these issues. Did try downloading V8.6 but during the instalation

it got hung up in "determining disk space requirements..." so I had to abort. When opening

FSC8 it shows V8.2.1 so not sure what version is now running but it now allows me access to

the software. Noticed that the registration option is "grayed-out" so am not user if it was

registered or if all I have installed is the evaluation copy. Later on will look more into this.

I do question why Aerosoft USA is not mailing updated versions of your program. Looking

forward to resolve these isssues and start enjoying your software.


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I too cannot get this to work correctly in FSX, I reinstalled the fonts after a clean install and I'm still getting this error and a CTD

after clicking on the Airport Approach Charts.

Is there a solution to this problem besides the font issue!

Thank you for your time.

I'm on W7 64X.

Installed on C:/FSC

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