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Cruising Altitudes


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Could you give an example? Is it in a certain region, or throughout? Do you refer to aircraft that overfly all the bubble, or aircraft that are already descending or still climbing, which are the vast majority of aircraft in most bubbles?

Checking through the schedules the only ones I can find are the amphibian DHC6 - and these do fly low.

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Hi Friend,

Sorry I was slow getting back to you but I have an ulcer on my foot that causes chronic pain and I had lost control of the pain medicine amount and could not stop the pain. :cry:

The flights I tried up to now were from KSFO and one was a freighter to KLAX assigned and held at 10,000 and the other was a CRJ to KRNO assigned between 10,0000 and 12,0000. I believethere were a couple of others out of KSFO to instate airports. I will monitor mor flights and see if these were just exceptions. I just happened to foloow AI two or three in a row that had the same problem, all out of KSFO. I willl post futher if I find a number of them. By theww ay I also have UT 2 and after finding out you cant follow AI plus lack of variety in their aircraft and number of plans I find MY Traffic X much more to my liking.


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If you could write down the flight number and callsign we could track this down in more detail.

There are the schedules in ASCI format that MyTraffic supplies if there we find it one can change it.

Traffic databasebuilder compiles them, and makes a lot of changes to what gets ordered, some make sense, but all this is not documented.

FSX then reads these, and makes from them what it estimates to be the best - often not what is in the compiled files.

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