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FSUIPC 4.60a and FSPassengers

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Hi Peter, I have registerd FSUIPC... today I wanted to try FSPassengers so I thought I'll give a try and downloaded and installed it. It looked like good fun after the first start.... I went then to work, came home and wanted to give another try. What then happened was after starting FSX, loaded FSX (half way) with the FSPassenger "Quick Start Window", but could not close it.

I decided to reboot the computer (restart) and try again, I've then received the following error message


I've selected yes, but was unable to use my Yoke and throttles...

I've uninstalled FsPassengers, started it up again... got the error again. Restarted again, selected yes and FSUIPC seems to work again...

I have opened another item in the FSPassenger forum... not sure where the problem lies....

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Thanks Andy,

I'll try that and let you know.... thanks for your help... started panicking after some troubles with FSX / Windows 7 etc.... then my graphics card broke.. now everyting was running (after 3 months) and I thought I try to have some fun now... and then "another issue" :(



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Hi Andy,

You were right... now I just have other problems related to FSPassengers... (like no plane preview, then crashes if trying to start, when selecting restart application it works...). Maybe I'll just unistall it and fly without....

Thanks anyway.

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