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MyTraffic Lite INSTALL HELP!


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Greetings... my first post Here.

My current Traffic App ( UT2) has gone down and will not work. Their Tech Support is IMPOSSIBLE to get help with. Then I stumbled on several sites which announced "MyTraffic Lite version". Wow , just what I need, a manageable stable product with no FPS hit. I decided to part ways with the previous and plunked down my money. Hey, it extols the fact of Easy Install, and operation. Just use the sliders in FSX to adjust traffic? Lite version? Yeah, Im ready for a light version. I quickly paid, and downloaded. With eager anticipation I opened FSX expecting to see my "new" traffic. I see NONE...NOTHING, Nada, zip, zilch. It boasts easy, straight forward approach. I have nothing to go on here.... HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK? Why is it NOT showing? Please help.



Vista 64

HD4870x2 HD GC(3 Monitors)

- Joe C

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There are not many ways it cannot work. Please do the following checks:

a) it installs its aircrafts into the simobjects\misc folder. Please check that you see many folders like the A320MX there.

b) it installs some airports and the traffic bgl file to "addon scenery\scenery" . Please check that there are files with name like BR2_KORD

If these two work OK, then the install itself is OK. We have to check now if FSX is properly configured ( at default settings from startup).

c) is simobject\misc in FSX.cfg, or has it been removed either by you or by another addon? If you do not know how to edit the file "%appdata%\Microsoft\FSX\FSX.cfg", a simple test can be made:

Browse to simobjects\misc and make a second copy of the A318MX folder. Now start FSX again. Do you get a few (4) messages like "There are several objects with the same title"? If yes, then this check is passed, remove the copied folder, if not we know where to continue. End FSX.

d) Is addon scenery activated in the scenery library dialog of FSX? If you do not know how to verify this, again a simple test:

For the second move Mytrafficlite.bgl out of the addon scenery\scenery folder onto your desktop, and restart FSX. Do you get the message that FSX creates new scenery indices you get with every scenery change? If you don't, we know where to continue, if you get it check d) is passed and you should move the file back.

e) The trivial question, you did not answer: You put the traffic density slider up again. UT2 tells you to put it to 0, so maybe you forgot that one.

This is the trivial list. Please report about all these five checks what happens, before we continue on the next level of debugging.

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Hi, this is my first post.

Sorry for my poor english.

I have the same problem: I don't see any traffic

I check the above points and all seems works fine

My config: W7 ultimate 64 - FSX+ACCELERATION - REX - Ultimate Terrain X USA - WORLD LANDSCAPES 2 and (now) MTX Lite

I have uninstalled ULTIMATE TRAFFIC 2007 and I have searched all old traffic files in order to remove them, but it doesn't work ...

Maybe there are some more old traffic files, but I could not find it.

What could I do?

One more thing:

I use your Traffic_bgls.bat application, but the result is a blank text file.

Thanks in advance.

My best regards.

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