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For comparison, here's what I experienced with an SSD before it had to go away for another purpose. The scenario includes both MTX and UT2 aircraft, and is the time from desktop icon click through to the runway at KSEA.

Vertex 2E Pro 120GB


1) From cold boot: 90s

2) Close FSX, restart: 73s

Hitachi 2TB 7200rpm


1) From cold boot: 155s

2) Close FSX, restart: 69s

In scenario 2, I imagine we benefit from Windows file caching. Otherwise no FPS improvement, perhaps a subjective improvement in smoothness but hard to tell. Certainly did not cure the few stutters I have left.

The Sandforce based SSD as above likes to work with compressible data the most, and as most FSX textures are already compressed to some extent it may not be the ideal data type. A comparison with RealSSD on a 6GB/s SATA interface would be very interesting.


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My FSX cold boot time is about 70 seconds and warm reboot if you like is only about 45 seconds. I have two SSD's though, one for the OS and MTX and other stuff not related to FSX, this is a Corsair Extreme X128. Then I have another SSD with FSX and all my add-ons and scenery on it and this is a Samsung PB22-J 256Gb.

Boot time for the PC to desktop is 23 seconds from the time the Windows 7 animated logo starts moving to the time when CPU activity on the desktop gadget is back down to 1 or 2%, the desktop itself appears at about the 15 second point. If I include my Motherboard BIOS loading time too it comes to about 40 seconds in total, motherboard manufacturers really need to get these times down to a reasonable level now, they are getting silly.

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