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Questions on new MT versions

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I've been using MyTraffic for a few years now, but it's been a while since I've used FSX at all recently. I recently rebuilt my system, and have been re-installing my Flight Simulation software.

However, I am lost as to what I need to install for MyTraffic. I have an installer here for the v5.2, but I remember from way back that there were all sorts of bug fixes and communicator updates to download in addition to all the major updates downloadable through the communicator.

To add to my confusion, it seems you have developed an entirely new version of Mytraffic (5.3). :D

If I were to stick with 5.2 for now, what is it I'd need to download exactly in addition to the installer (which I already have)?

On the possibility of upgrading to v5.3, what are the improvements of this new version over 5.2? If I do decide to upgrade, what do I have to download in addition to purchasing and downloading the main installer from Simmarket?

I'd greatly appreciate your advice on this matter. :)



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Frrom 5.2, you can update to 5.2b -just follow the thread viewtopic.php?f=4&t=78182 and you find all downloads in there.

5.3 was the next big step, and everything about this you can foind in viewtopic.php?f=4&t=80407 . This autumn there will be a next incremental update 5.3a, and you also can see some hints about that on this forum. This will obviously require 5.3, and since the update from 5.2b to 5.3a will be bigger than from 5.2b to 5.3, it will be slightly more expensive.

So my advice would be to go to version 5.3 now - you cannot save money by waiting.

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Many thanks for your prompt response.

I have had a look at the 5.3 thread you linked, but I cannot find any mention of the exact improvements the new version offers over 5.2?

Also, if I were to go ahead and purchase the discounted version of v5.3 from simmarket (having already purchased 5.2 from simmarket a while back), would it be the full package I can install or would I have to install 5.2 first, then 5.3 (ie, is the discounted download a full version of the software, or only an incremental update)?


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Every purchase comes as a full version ( with the special exception of the crossgrade from Aerosoft ).

A detailed description of all the improvements and changes is a long list of 10 to 15 thousand details. The main mission of that version was the update of the US Airforce from FS9 to FSX technology, as well replacing elder models as bringing quite a bunch of new ones ( B1, B2, F22 come into mind, there were more ). In addition the GA aircraft you se in that thread, updated airports, etc.

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