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I installed myTraffic X "MTXV51b_for_FSX" and the cross grade "MTXV52b_Crossgrade" file. I then tried the patch file "Patches52b". No errors appeared during install.

But the textures are missing from a few planes:

BJ40MX folder has three texture folders, all of which are empty.

Cit560MX has five empty folders.

Cit680MX has two empty folders.

CitXMX has two empty folders.

E2CMX has fourteen empty folders.

F100MX has twenty-seven empty folders.

L1011MX has forty-three empty folders.

VF600WMX has four empty folders.

These aircraft appear black because of this. How can I fix it?

I asked this question a long time ago but forget the answer, or if I even got an answer.

Thanks in advance!


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Besides the Fokker 100 and the Hawkeye, all the other aircraft have been removed from MyTraffic, they were in old format and of poor quality and have been replaced by many other shiny new models.

The E2C when I made them last year did not carry visual unit designators, so there is only texture.My00 for all US Navy units and texture.My13 for the French Navy.

The Fokker 100 folder now is named Fokker100MX for consistency, so if you have the Fokker100mx folder, you can just delete all of those those old empty folders, or ignore them completely.

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I ran the installer for these planes again, and all textures are there now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This was not necessary, but should also not have made any harm, unless you get duplicate aircraft entries now for the fokker, then delete the F100MX folder.

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