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Max Number of Lua Files

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FSUIPC currently allows up to 256 simultaneously running Lua programs' date=' each independently running in their own FS thread.[/quote']

Is the maximum number of stored (Modules Folder) Lua-Files still limited with 127? I'm currently not up to date with all the interim updates within the last 6 month.

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Is the maximum number of stored (Modules Folder) Lua-Files still limited with 127?

Where do you get 127 form? You just quoted the documentation saying 256.

I would advise you not to get anywhere near that number. Each running Lua plug-in occupies at least one thread, up to 5 threads for those using the COM, Sockets or VRI stuff.


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Hi Pete,

here (1 1/2 years ago) we talked about the max. number of 127

The reason is the way Button and Key assignments are encoded into a single 32-bit word. What with macros (also limited to 127) and all the Offset handling controls, conditionals and so on, I only had 7 bits left to encode the Lua number -- this was by pinching half the range originally assigned for Macros.

It's still not my intention to run 256 (ore more) Lua Files simultaneously. I have 10 Favorite Aircraft and for each Plane approx 11 or 12 LUA Files (specified for each AC) to control different things (Electric, Hydraulic, EFIS, APU, Engine Start/Cutoff a.s.o.), total 120 Files for all Planes.

Only a handful files are needed for a plane and flight (in sequence and not simultaneously. A few days ago i have purchased the new iFly737NG. To make the new plane ready for my requirements i must add additional LUA-Files, definitely more than 7.

It's no problem for me to create LUAs for more than one aircraft (triggered via Aircraft Names) but at the moment it's easier for me to add additional files. Otherwise i must combine existing files with the same purposes to decrease the amount. Basically no problem but it needs a lot of time ;)

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