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MTX Causes 20FPS Drop, Is This Normal?


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Hi Burkhard,

My system is in my signature so I will not go into that. Over NYC when MTX is active, flying west at 300 KIAS / 3,000' between JFK and La Guardia I get 15FPS to 20FPS. When I delete MTX from the scenery library the FPS jumps up 20FPS (35 - 40) minimum. My commerical and GA traffic is set to 30%.

Do you think that this 20FPS hit is normal or do I have a bad MTX install?



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The New York area, along with Southern California and the area around Tokyo in Japan, are the worst areas in the FS world for frame rate hits. It doesn't take a lot at all to push your system over the edge in these areas and make it struggle.

Along with the hints that Andy gives above, it's probably worth going to a location which is less heavily loaded already and seeing what effect the traffic has there. Ideally somewhere with next to no "extra" scenery, such as most of Africa or South America. That will give you a much better idea of whether you are overloading your system with AI or not than a congested area such as New York, Los Angeles, London or Paris.

Ian P.

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Thanks Andy and Ian. I will give the southern tip of South America a try to get a feel for what should be a no load situation and take a look at what the Communicator has.

My recommendation is to put scenery density from extremely dense to very dense or dense. Over NYC, the biggest CPU sink are the moving jetways - you can have up to 100 of them in your scene, even of them trying to solve a system of 5 differential equations per frame, which makes the frame long.

I checked at KORD that the impact of the jetways is far bigger than the impact of MyTraffic, so it is just more aircraft using more of them that you are suffering.

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I thought about the few areas with performance problems again, and made some checks there. What they all have in common is a huge number of airports inside the reality bubble. Many of these are municipal or county General Aviation airfields.

While Microsoft typically has equipped these with too few parkings, they have extremely filled them especially in the Bay area, but also in the other high density areas - I found airports with more than 120 GA parkings near to the mega hubs.

By default, in MyTraffic such an airport would host around 100 GA aircraft - and contribute to system load as much as KSFO does. While you can put the GA density slider far to the left, this is not always wanted, since after you are in flight for ten minutes you bypass many other airfields that have 3-8 parkings and these should be filled to have some activity outside the big cities.

In 5.3a therefore I plan to significantly reduce the AI traffic on about 50 large GA airfileds, which are near to the known hot spots, to ensure the number of flights with all sliders right exceeds 1000 nowhere.

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