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FSC 9 & Google Earth


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One of the features of Ver 9 has to do with some kind of Google Earth

interaction or at least that is what I interpreted the pre-release topics

to mean. this is a very real selling point to me and likely the only

compelling reason to pay for an upgrade.

I read the manual first to see what it said about GE.

It seems that there is a save option that is triggered by setting

the Google Earth feature on in FSC options. I turned that on.

I was hoping to evaluate what it does but the pgm as is does not allow

saves; therefore, the GE feature does not seem to be available to even evaluate.

I am afraid that this is a huge disappointment to me.

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Hi Anonymous,

as we stated on our homepage the evaluation copy gives you access to all features of the program except that the program terminates after 30 min and that you cannot save flight plans in any format which also includes the Google Earth file format.

That may be a disappointment to you, but that's the way it is. We have to draw the line somewhere.



P.S. incidentally, you might want to read the last paragraph of our "Everyone please read" announcement

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Another question on this: As I understood, it is not possible to see your track in realtime in Google Earth?

BTW: it would be nice to have something like a "What's new" document. I couldn't find anything like this neither in the readme, nor in the manual.



Actually a compilation of the new features is highly desired by some users who think that apart from the connection function to GE there is nothing really new in version 9. :wink:

Best regards


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What you basically get is a KML file as another of the Flightplan export types. You can then open this file in Google Earth and it shows the legs between waypoints. I did expect more Google Earth features, but that's about all I can see. There are cosmetic changes to the UI, but I'm not quite sure if they are improvements - it's subjective. I also see that transitions from STAR to approach are available as well.

I also note the lack of a "what's new" document and feel that such a document would have helped. This is a worthy tool if you are new to FSC, but it is not certain that it is worth the upgrade at 20 Euros. It is true that there really aren't many new features that jump right out at you. It is possible that there are some hidden gems, but they aren't obvious. I still consider FSC a vital flight planning tool, but this feels more like 8.7 rather than 9.0.

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